Startups and Independent Commercial Lenders

The lack of startup businesses and the ongoing struggles of small and medium businesses are weighing heavily on the UK unemployment rate and the flat Gross Domestic Product (GDP). For the UK to reach pre-Lehman Brothers collapse economic status, credit markets need to open, entrepreneurs must launch new enterprises and small and medium businesses need to stabilize.

With the country’s largest businesses preserving their cash, new jobs will have to come from expanding small and medium businesses and new startups. And, UK entrepreneurs have new product ideas in many dynamic areas.

Venture Capital and New UK Businesses

Independent commercial lenders have forged relationships with numerous venture capital firms, angel investors and primary and secondary lenders who are looking for good business investments. Depending on the business plan and the scope of the venture, independent business lenders can help find capital for new and existing operations.

New, small and medium businesses that need equipment, office and technology products, vehicles for a fleet, manufacturing machines or long-haul trucks should confer with an independent lender who will offer several options, not just one. These options will allow the business to preserve cash and make necessary acquisitions in difficult times.

Working Capital to Weather the Storm

Every business in the UK is important. Independent commercial lenders understand the need to stabilize small and medium businesses and grow new businesses. The problem is working capital. Cash starved businesses usually fail very quickly.

Entrepreneurs with carefully constructed business plans and projections should not discount the services or products that independent lenders offer. Factoring, accounts receivable financing, asset financing, commercial mortgages and business loans as well as loans to help startups are all available from lenders other than a bank.

Every entrepreneur knows that success is possible with a sound business model and working capital and credit. This is a time to take extra measures to procure funds that will allow the business to grow without burdening it with unsustainable debt. There are UK and international financial products available for businesses with a plan.

Independent commercial lenders that have built a strong presence are as busy as ever. In many cases, they have been busier than usual. These businesses have seen it all. If your credit is less than perfect, but your needs specific, these lenders can help. This recession has ignited new-age credit products and solutions. If you perform your due diligence, you will find qualified independent lenders ready to help.


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