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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Coronavirus Sell-Off Siphons-Off a Crypto Investor’s Favorite Fund

Being “decentralized digital” currencies, cryptocurrencies make use of blockchain ledgers for recording and validating transactions. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to be introduced in 2009 was followed by the introduction of more than 900 such currencies to date.

As of March 21st, 2020, an investor was taken by surprise when he noticed that around 99% of his investment in his selected fund worth USD$250,000 was “wiped out” following the market meltdown due to coronavirus meltdown.

The investor went on to say that he was not aware of what actually happened. Explaining the status of the fund he invested, he said that probable cause of the “wipe-out” might have been due to the fact that although the fund had a leverage position way back in the month of March, however, due to crunch in liquidity and the fact that the sell orders were rejected prevented the cryptocurrency from performing well.

As such, the investment he made lost 99% of its value when the economy started manifesting slowdown due to the coronavirus impact.

The coronavirus economic mayhem

The algorithm of the fund plunged when the market nosedived. Although, the managers tried their best to tackle the situation but were met with disappointed due to lack of liquidity and also due to the rejection of sell-orders. This caused the crypto exchange to auto-liquidate positions then.

It may be mentioned here that cryptocurrency exchange, also known as DCE or digital currency exchange allows traders and customers to trade their selected cryptocurrency funds or any other digital asset that they hold and are keen on trading.

The scenario of crypto funds during coronavirus impact

During the same period, many investors were caught unaware when many crypto funds and bitcoin news were flooded with facts about how these digital assets or cryptocurrencies shed almost a third of their value and more owing to the pandemic.

An average of 26% on funds were lost and it was recorded as the second-worst loss that occurred since the year 2015. This was confirmed by hedge-fund researcher HFR.

Experts were also of the opinion that the above implication is “an understatement” of the economic bloodbath across the board of digital assets.

As compared to other conventional hedge funds, the digital currencies fell behind in performance. The conventional hedge funds suffered an average loss of 8.4%.
However, the scenario is not all that gloomy since thereafter, the cryptocurrency and bitcoin markets have improved remarkably since the mayhem way back in March. As such, cryptocurrencies have registered an upswing of more than 13% in the current year.

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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Manage your financial future and take control of it

Be fair in these grim times we all need a more secure monetary future, one which can ensure you and your family the lifestyle that you are searching for. This is not simple if your wage is low or confined by organization approaches, then again, there are a few things you can accomplish for yourself, that may sound straightforward, and as if I am attempting to educate your granny how to suck eggs, however, I am going to give a couple of rudiments to put you on the way to budgetary flexibility.

Control your credit dependence:

When you need to quit fooling around cash for a more secure budgetary future, checking the longing to utilize credit at each open door is the first venture to being in control of your accounts. Each time you utilize credit; you pay more than you need for your goals. Drive purchasing of things that you don't require on the credit or storecards are inconvenient to your monetary future, as it has the allurement to use vast sums on "crisis things" and in times of hardship or if your accounts aren't in the same class as they used to be the enticement to pay the base offset might be overpowering.

Get a debit card, the charges are less; you can't use more than you have been accessible, and you are in control.

Don’t always run behind pleasure:

Put something aside for what you need, and pay for what you can bear. Not all credit is terrible; you may require another car as the old one has had it, however, don't be enticed to use your full accessible finances every month, in the event that you can bear the cost of $450 for every month, pay $400, the car may not be the one you truly need, yet it does the same thing and serves its capacity. You have $50 a month more for a safe fiscal future.

Make a protected budgetary future for you and your family by controlling your urge to use more than you can manage, it is not rocket science. It simply takes limitations from everybody.

Control your destiny; don’t just leave it on your luck:

If you are similar to the dominant part of individuals who are working in paid business, you may be happy with that or perhaps not, however in the event that you are not and need all the more, then you must choose in the event that you need to settle, or in the event that you need to make a move. You may have expertise or exchange that permits you to work for yourself, or you may need to go to college. It is never past the point where it is possible to learn. You may compose a book, begin a site offering subsidiary items, the schedule continues forever. The principle thing is that you are the one in control of your own predetermination.

This may not be the most secure alternative, contingent upon how far you bounce into it, yet it is the most remunerating if achievement happens. The alternatives of composing a book or making an online journal is possible in your extra time while in any case you make payments from your paid vocation with no compelling reason to cut off your ties while starting.

The above-mentioned tips will certainly allow you to have a great financial future and stable your financial life.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Why Online Games Bankroll Management Is A Great Principle To Live By

Bankroll management is a concept that online poker players use to stay in control of their finances. It operates on the simple principle that you shouldn’t mix the money you need for life’s essential with the cash you use for poker games.

This means it’s not only a sensible way to gamble but that it’s also, a great principle for you to live by on a day to day basis.

I’ve gone into more detail about what bankroll management is and why using it is something that you can really benefit from.

What do we mean by online games bankroll management?

Bankroll management is a poker term that relates to keeping gambling money separate from your personal funds – you have your gambling bankroll and you manage it in the way that you see fit.

Online and land poker players use bankroll management for two reasons: protection and professionalism.

It protects them from overspending on poker by ensuring that they don’t bet more than they can afford. It brings professionalism to their game by making it simple to know if they’re winning or losing money from their sessions.

As it’s a gambling principle, it’s no surprise that you can learn more about bankroll management by checking out the guides at online casinos and gambling reviews sites. You can find some resources great resources at by checking both the blog and the designated poker section.

Why is this a great principle for you to live by?

Managing your finances is something that you should be practicing every day of your life. By doing this you can make sure that you have the cash to pay for your essentials and the fun things that make life worth living.

Finance is one of the biggest stresses for many people.

It can cause anxiety and depression, along with leading you to make bad decisions that could have longlasting consequences – such as taking high-interest loans that put you in a difficult situation.

Bankroll management can alleviate this stress by giving you the certainty of knowing you’re living your life within your means – you’ll have the reassurance of knowing you can buy some of the fun things that you like and that you’ll still be able to pay your bills.

You can begin practicing bankroll management right away by using a budget planning app like iSaveMoney. This makes it easy for you to separate your incomings and outgoings, along with tracing the amount of cash you have available for luxury purchases.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Finds Americans Are Using Credit Cards at Record Levels

If you've noticed you're receiving more and more credit card applications in the mail, there may be a reason for the influx in junk mail. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews have found that accordingly to a report by TransUnion, more than 171 million Americans have their own credit card- the highest level since 2005. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews has also found that the overall credit card debt in the United States has reached $696 billion in the first quarter of 2017- an increase of over 7% when compared to previous years.

Some financial experts have called the continuing rise of the average American debt "concerning," especially in light of the high levels of employment that the country is seeing. However, workers are not earning more, despite increases in inflation and the average price of housing. Sean Fox, co-president of Freedom Financial Network, stated that "That combination of factors is creating a crunch that is especially worrying with the just-announced interest rate hike." 

Despite rising levels of debt and credit card usage, there is reason to believe that Americans are using their credit cards more responsibly since the 2008 credit crisis. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews has found that though the instances of late payments have increased, Americans on average have a higher line of credit on average. It's also likely that the increased levels of late payments are simply a matter of probability; as credit cards become more and more ubiquitous, more Americans who are forgetful or who are prone to overspending will be approved for lines of credits by chance.  

The problem with credit cards comes when people open too many credit cards at once and are unable to track what the owe on which accounts. American consumers are being bombarded almost constantly with advertisements and appealing sign-on bonuses for credit cards; one of the largest factors contributing to the staggering amount of credit card debt that consumers owe is card mismanagement. One of the trickiest ways that credit card companies encourage Americans to open more accounts than they need is through in-store card offers. Store credit cards, found at nearly every type of retailer from fashion to home goods, come along with a one-time offer of an in-store purchase discount- most often advertised by a sales associate at the register to tempt you into saving before you pay. However, these cards usually come along with high-interest rates and can leave shoppers overwhelmed with cards that they do not need or want.

When you have more than one card, it can be difficult to remember when payments are due, which cards have the highest interest rates, and what you owe on each account. Missed payments can damage your credit history and score- 35% of your credit score make-up is dependent upon making on-time payments on your lines of credit. Thus, Freedom Debt Relief Reviews advises consumers to seriously consider whether or not they need another card before opening any new accounts- a sign-on bonus or one-time offer is not nearly as valuable as a healthy credit score.  

The bottom line? Smart consumers should strike a happy medium with their spending and credit usage. While foregoing credit cards altogether is not recommended and usually does more harm than good to your credit score, owning too many cards is likely to lead to more missed payments and a pile of accrued interest. Freedom DebtRelief Reviews recommends that Americans focus on managing one or two cards responsibly, avoid in-store offers, carefully research interest rates before applying for a new card, and track their expenses on a daily basis. Effective money management begins and ends with a healthy budget, so make sure that you are tracking your spending as well. Using credit cards responsibly will leave you with a higher credit score and healthier credit history- along with the things you want and need!

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Monday, 1 June 2020

Consolidating student loans – What you must know

If you have availed few student loans to fund your college education and you are not being able to keep tab on the same, it could not just drain you of all your energy but you could also fall behind on payments as it will be difficult to track your loan repayment schedule. However, there is definitely an answer to this and that is by consolidating the student loans that you have availed.

In this article, let us find out how you can go about consolidating these loans so that your financial habits get positively recorded in your credit report and you earn a good credit score in due course. 

Important factors to consider before consolidating student loans

In the paragraphs that follow, let us find out the essential aspects that you must take into account prior to taking the plunge. However, remember, the same solution will not apply to all students and you need to customize your solutions depending on your requirement.

  • The amount you owe

The outstanding amount that you owe is not just about the balance. Over the years, the loans have attracted different rates of interest, the type of loans, and the date on which it was disbursed.

Since the rates of interest varied on these loans at different points of time, it is essential that you calculate the final amount. You can get the necessary details from the National Student Loan Data System.

The interest rate is usually the average of all loans taken together in case of consolidation of student loans. Aside from this, you are also required to know whether the loan that you availed is through a private lender or federal government.

  • Are savings guaranteed?

An important aspect that you must remember is that consolidating does not always means that you will be able to save. If you are able to keep track of the individual loan accounts, it is best in your interest not to consolidate the loans.

It is undoubtedly an advantage because after consolidation, you have to pay the debt amount to only one creditor and that itself reduces your hassle to a great extent. However, in the long run, you end up paying a lot more. Why is this so? This is because consolidating not just means that you are collating all loans, it also means that you will have to pay more over a longer period of time. However, if you want to explore other avenues of debt repayment, you can go through the information on

Alternatively, you could also opt for an income-based repayment method. It may be mentioned here that once you opt for consolidation, you can avail repayment plans that are of varied types and the terms can range between 10 years and 30 years. Longer repayment term means lower monthly payments.

Benefits of student loan consolidation

Having said about the important factors that you need to consider prior to consolidating student loans, let us briefly go through the benefits-

  • Automatic debit – The monthly repayment amount will be debited from your bank account, the details of which you are required to provide at the time of setting up this mode of repayment.

  • Flexible amount – There is no minimum and maximum amount that makes you qualify for the consolidation of loans.

  • No defaults – The main advantage is that you stop falling behind on payments since you were not able to keep a tab on the repayment schedule of different loan accounts.

Last but not least, you are at peace and do not have to worry about defaulting on payments that eventually get recorded in your credit the report, thereby highlighting you as financially irresponsible.  However, one important drawback of student loan consolidation is that you pay moreover a period of time.

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Friday, 29 May 2020

How Credit Score Affect Home Loan

If you are applying for a home loan, there are several factors you must go into before making the final decision. Some of those factors include your employment history, saving balance, and the size of the loan. Even with these factors, one of the most important parts of your home loan application is your credit score.

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Friday, 8 May 2020

Can Auto Registration Loans Help You to Stay Out of Debt

With the help of auto registration loans, you can get access to quick cash and avoid applying for personal loans or borrow from peers, friends, and family. A wise move like this will help you to stay out of debt, which is one of the prerequisites of maintaining financial sanity amidst the impending economic shortfall.

However, prior to understanding how you can tap into the potentialities of auto registration loans, let us delve deeper into a few facts mentioned in the points below.

Fast facts related to auto lending

As of May 2019, the total auto loan debt owed by Americans were recorded at USD$1.3 trillion. This is approximately equivalent to 5.5% of the GDP of the country. 

Auto loan originations were recorded at USD$584 billion in 2018

As many as 7 million Americans around the same time fell behind on their auto debt repayment. 

The above are just a few of the facts related to the industry. The above figures should be reason enough why you must steer clear of taking out personal loans or other forms of loans if you have equity in your vehicle. The equity in your vehicle can help you to take out a loan. 

As such auto registration loans for quick cash does make sense and you can apply for one in the time of need. 

We will discuss the same under the following sub-heads-

1. What are auto registration loans?

2. How do these loans work?

3. Eligibility criteria for applying for the loan

Let us get into the details of the same.

  • What are auto registration loans?

If you own a car or a bigger vehicle and in need of fast cash, you can take out a loan against the equity that is present in your vehicle. And the best part is that you will be allowed access to cash even if you are in the midst of paying off your current auto loan debt. So, you can get a loan parallelly. 

Since you are using your car as collateral or security for the loan you are taking out, you might be able to repay your loan at a lower rate of interest. However, the interest rate usually differs from one lender to another and it is always better to deal with the one that will offer lower rates of interest. 

  • How do these loans work?

Since you are using the equity present in your vehicle, you will be able to take out a loan, the amount of which will depend on the equity, the condition of the vehicle, and how much value your car has as per the current market conditions. 

Once these aspects are taken into account, the amount of the proceeds will be decided upon. You will be able to continue using your car even while you have taken out the auto registration loans and you are in the mode of repayment. 

You can apply for the loan from the comfort of your home or office or even while you are traveling since they are available online. 

  • Eligibility criteria for applying for the loan

You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria for enjoying the loan. These are-

You must have completed 18 years of age

You have to be employed and for qualifying, you have to produce proof of income

You have to provide the bank details where you want the proceeds of the loan to get transferred

Furnish details of vehicle registration

Your social government ID card
The above are just a few of the basic requirements. However, there might be other lenders that have different requirements too. You will have to check it out with the lender you have finally identified to deal with.

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