Dishonest Product Disclosure Leading to Personal Injury and Pharmaceutical Litigation

Many of us have become dependent on medications not only to treat our diseases and illnesses but to also prevent it from worsening. These medications have to be taken as prescribed by our physicians, and for most of these medications, they have to be taken daily, with some even twice or thrice daily dosing.

Because we have to take medications once or multiple times a day, there's the question then of safety. Is it safe to take them this much and for a particular length of time? Is it that effective in treating and controlling diseases? Furthermore, will there be side effects on this medication? If there are side effects, will they be minor or fatal ones?

Pharmaceutical Company Responsibilities
In a perfect world, pharmaceutical companies value lives over profits. In a perfect world, that is. Unfortunately, this world is far from perfect, and most pharmaceutical companies prefer profits over lives.

Some pharmaceutical companies, wanting to put their drugs on the market as soon as they possibly can, fail to give their drugs more research. Because of their negligence, they were not able to document the real side effects of the medications. On the other hand, there are also those companies who know full well that their drugs have harmful, even fatal, side effects but still put their drugs on the market. Yes, the drugs have to be approved by FDA first before they are released to the public, but sometimes there is no proper product disclosure that they still get approval from the FDA.

Effects of Improper Product Disclosure
Failure to disclose full and real information regarding medications can lead to serious consequences.
One, it puts people's lives at risk. There have been countless stories of miracle drugs seeming to be the answer to a certain disease. It's very effective in treating a disease that it became so popular that more and more physicians prescribed it to their patients. However, what the pharmaceutical company didn't fully disclose was the fact that the "miracle drug" can cause cancer. Yes, it cured patients of their disease, but it also gave them life-threatening., irreversible cancer.

Two, it causes unnecessary suffering. Patients take medications in the hopes of being cured. However, pharmaceutical companies who failed to provide proper product disclosure and information are causing unnecessary pain and suffering not only to the patients who are taking the drugs but also their families as well. Instead of treating them, the drugs are making them even worse.

Three, it causes death. In some cases, the greediness of dishonest pharmaceutical companies has even resulted to the death of countless individuals, leaving behind bereaved families.

Injured by a Drug?
If you or one of your loved ones has been injured by a drug, then you should know that you can get justice for what happened. You can file a personal injury case against the pharmaceutical company and receive monetary compensation for what you went through. There are pharmaceutical litigation attorneys whom you can approach, and they are more than willing to help you with your case. It will surprise you to know that you are not the only one who has been affected by the drug.

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