Accounting in Poland – Benefits, Business Opportunities and Costs

Accounting outsourcing is nothing uncommon these days. Many large corporations include it in their business strategies. Is it really worth to use such services east from Berlin? What are the costs of accounting in Poland? In this article, we will shed some light on the subject.

Why Poland?

This is actually the first question that needs answering. The country lies in a strategic position with its capital city, Warsaw, in the very heart of the region. Warsaw has also 2 airports to its disposal, and both of them have international capacity. And what about the Silesia region? It is a cluster of cities, with Katowice as the most important one. But all Silesia is business-friendly, so to speak, just like Warsaw. It also has reliable means of international communication.

The Polish Airlines provide comfortable first class travel that can reach all major European business centers, alongside those placed in North America or Asia, for that matter. This means accounting inPoland is an excellent opportunity for businesses that have a global potential. A British IT company, for example, might use this to build a chain between its headquarters and tech services set in India. The tax office in Warsaw is something worth considering, especially when British price tags are included in the equation. But that's not all.

Poland is a part of the EU and all major financial organizations. That provides a certain amount of trust that can be placed in this country. The level of finance national accounting standards there is equaled with other European states. The Accountants Association in Poland is a reliable institution that makes sure these standards are kept. A foreign entrepreneur has nothing to be concerned about. Many western corporations have already benefited from accounting services in Poland. More are joining them every year. There must be a reason for that, don't you agree?

The quality of accounting services in Poland

We have established that setting up accountingin Poland is a good decision. The country's geographical position works well with European standardization of high quality services. But the accountants themselves are also special. They are well-educated. They understand the mechanisms of international trade or employment. With their help, all sorts of tasks will be carried out both professionally and without any delays.

Obviously, these specialists operate not only in the Polish language, which is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world. That is usually quite an obstacle for foreign businesses. The Poles, however, are known for their linguistic skills. Day-to-day errands in English are not a problem. The same can be said about the preparation of vital documents, mind you.

In addition, an accounting office in Poland can conduct regular reporting services as well as proper maintenance of the corporate archives. Today, Polish accountants are very familiar with digital tech solutions like cloud native environments or top-notch tools built for accounting specifically. That not only provides reliability, but a high level of security too. Modern businesses put a lot of attention to such matters, don't they? No wonder, since corporate espionage is an everlasting threat. Especially in the digital era, security is something to be worry about. Theft of consolidated financial statements, credit details or an annual report must be prevented. Professional accounting in Poland can most certainly cope with such demands.

How much does accounting in Poland cost?

For many people, this will be the most important part of the article. After all, money is the whole point of accounting services in general. Let's talk money, then. Yes, hiring accountants from Poland is less expensive in comparison to the standards known in Western Europe or the USA. The same can be said about office space and other types of services usually associated with modern finances (cloud technology, for instance). All that is in accordance with the fact that Eastern parts of the European Union are still catching up with the rest of it in terms of economy. Paychecks are relatively lower, yet the level of quality is not.

A Polish accounting office can meet demanding requirements as well as any other company in Europe. The difference lies in the thickness of a bill. British, French or even Irish specialists are more expensive, and when we add maintenance costs... Well, small start-ups might not be able to afford it. In fact, this is one of the reasons why bigger corporations grew in the first place. They didn't hesitate to invest their trust and money in countries like Poland, which resulted in lesser costs of their operations. In most cases, that alone gave them a leverage used against their competition that was too anxious to execute business models based on outsourcing. Conservative management is not very cost-effective. Open-minded solutions, on the other hand, provide a lot of opportunities. The service of accounting in Poland is one of them.

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