Shopify Plus vs Other Models - Why Is It Worth It?

Shopify Plus

Do you already have an online store, or you're only preparing for its launch? Using e-commerce platforms has become a standard for the retailers - and the platforms are developing at a fast pace in order to keep up with their increasing expectations. There are many options to choose from - maybe even too many. In the face of such diversity, it's hard to figure out what will be the best deal for you as an entrepreneur. Today, we'll analyze the Shopify Plus variant that stands out with extended possibilities when it comes to customization and development.

Shopify - why is it worth it?


Next to Magento, Shopify is most likely the most used e-commerce platform in the world. There are a few reasons for that. First - the variety of subscription models adjusted to the needs of different entrepreneurs. Contrary to most available on the market, this platform takes into consideration the needs of various businesses - from the smallest companies with a few employees to big corporations. And if you want to scale up, it's possible anytime without any issues. 


Another probable reason is an intuitive interface. That's an essential aspect not only for the customers of the online shops. The shop administrators also appreciate it since managing it on a daily basis is difficult. And in the case of Shopify, the intuitiveness catches the eye right away. It makes the navigation and basic editing basically effortless.


Shopify Plus vs. other subscription models


Shopify offers various subscription models, and Shopify Plus is one of the most expensive ones. It's not a great fit for everyone - the smallest companies with no plans of scaling up may not need most of their options.


What makes this model stand out is its extensiveness. Contrary to the others, this one allows you to manage 9 instances within one license. Thus, if you want to create various shops or develop a few brands simultaneously on one platform, this will be a match.


Shopify Plus enables:

  • advanced customization of the API that also operates on twice more queries than in the traditional model - that results in improved performance
  • automation of the promotional campaigns, tasks, and processes with Shopify Flow - a tool that creates automated responses to the user's actions to improve user experience
  • improving your security due to free EV certificate and other features


And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Working with an experienced Shopify Agency, you can make the most out of this model.

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