Car Accident Claims in UK – Do they go to court?


car accident claims
Most of the car accident claims in UK are usually settled out of court. This is because either the liability or so-called evidence of fault is clarified, or the other party is not interested in raising a dispute about a claim. It has been observed that approximately 1% of the personal injury claims might reach the court for settlement.

So, if you are unclear about whose fault it is or the accidental compensation amount you are entitled to, it is likely that the case will get settled before you reach the court.

Circumstances that might require a court to solve the car accident claim

Given below are two main reasons why you may not be able to avoid settling the claim outside the court.

  • When the defendant does not accept responsibility

Let us say that you suffered injuries in a car accident, and you are sure that it was due to someone else’s fault, either wholly or partially. However, the other person is not accepting the same.

Under such conditions, The Road Traffic Accident Solicitor who will take up your case will collect adequate evidence so that your claim can be supported. This might include undergoing medical assessment so that your condition and injury can be better ascertained.

Other evidence in the form of statement from witnesses, photographs from the scene of accident, and police reports will be collected by the legal person representing you. Remember, the evidence that your legal person collects must be adequate to make the other person accept the responsibility of his act.

However, this is entirely subject to the availability of the evidence and what your present medical condition is. The second condition when you might expect car accident claims in UK to get settled in court is disputes related to compensation amount.

  • Disputes related to compensation

Often, it is seen that the person responsible for the personal injury does admit his mistake but when it comes to settling the amount for compensation, he does not agree to the same. So, what happens under such conditions? Let us find out.

The compensation amount payable depends on several factors. These include how severe is the injury, whether you require any medical assistance in the form of rehabilitation or any other medical support, and last but not the least, what will be the cost you might have to incur to repair or replace your vehicle. The financial impact will also be considered that was caused due to injuries.

Always seek professional assistance so that your claim is adequately represented and genuinely settled. Hire the services of an experienced and well-versed firm that will help you deal with the finer aspects of the case and the legalities.


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