Can Auto Registration Loans Help You to Stay Out of Debt

With the help of auto registration loans, you can get access to quick cash and avoid applying for personal loans or borrow from peers, friends, and family. A wise move like this will help you to stay out of debt, which is one of the prerequisites of maintaining financial sanity amidst the impending economic shortfall.

However, prior to understanding how you can tap into the potentialities of auto registration loans, let us delve deeper into a few facts mentioned in the points below.

Fast facts related to auto lending

As of May 2019, the total auto loan debt owed by Americans were recorded at USD$1.3 trillion. This is approximately equivalent to 5.5% of the GDP of the country. 

Auto loan originations were recorded at USD$584 billion in 2018

As many as 7 million Americans around the same time fell behind on their auto debt repayment. 

The above are just a few of the facts related to the industry. The above figures should be reason enough why you must steer clear of taking out personal loans or other forms of loans if you have equity in your vehicle. The equity in your vehicle can help you to take out a loan. 

As such auto registration loans for quick cash does make sense and you can apply for one in the time of need. 

We will discuss the same under the following sub-heads-

1. What are auto registration loans?

2. How do these loans work?

3. Eligibility criteria for applying for the loan

Let us get into the details of the same.

  • What are auto registration loans?

If you own a car or a bigger vehicle and in need of fast cash, you can take out a loan against the equity that is present in your vehicle. And the best part is that you will be allowed access to cash even if you are in the midst of paying off your current auto loan debt. So, you can get a loan parallelly. 

Since you are using your car as collateral or security for the loan you are taking out, you might be able to repay your loan at a lower rate of interest. However, the interest rate usually differs from one lender to another and it is always better to deal with the one that will offer lower rates of interest. 

  • How do these loans work?

Since you are using the equity present in your vehicle, you will be able to take out a loan, the amount of which will depend on the equity, the condition of the vehicle, and how much value your car has as per the current market conditions. 

Once these aspects are taken into account, the amount of the proceeds will be decided upon. You will be able to continue using your car even while you have taken out the auto registration loans and you are in the mode of repayment. 

You can apply for the loan from the comfort of your home or office or even while you are traveling since they are available online. 

  • Eligibility criteria for applying for the loan

You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria for enjoying the loan. These are-

You must have completed 18 years of age

You have to be employed and for qualifying, you have to produce proof of income

You have to provide the bank details where you want the proceeds of the loan to get transferred

Furnish details of vehicle registration

Your social government ID card
The above are just a few of the basic requirements. However, there might be other lenders that have different requirements too. You will have to check it out with the lender you have finally identified to deal with.

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