Quitters Make Useless Resolutions – Easy Ways To Make Money And Become Rich

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You must have heard it before that resolutions are for quitters and winners don’t resolve. So, what’s the benefit in burdening yourself with a long list of useless resolutions that you can’t fulfill? Instead of making stupid declarations at the beginning of every year and forgetting them in the very first month of the year, it is indeed better to follow a few tips to keep making and saving money throughout the year. According to the University of Scranton, among 48% people who resolve to take care of their finances, only 7% achieve them. 

Have a look at some easy ways to make money in 2020 and keep getting your coffers full.

  1. Keep tracking your expenses: Although it’s a real tough job to jot down on a tablet or smartphone every the time you drop in for a coffee or you put gas in the car, but if you do, you can quickly understand and be amazed at the way in which money can slip through your hands. There are different websites like Quicken or Geezeo or Mint.com that can assist you with the mathematics. Once you can really see where the credit card and cash transactions are going, it will be simpler for you to curb down expenses and identify where you’re wasting money.
  1. Try to be realistic: If you are just not being able to view yourself make a fresh cup of coffee for yourself every day and yet you’re being worried about the estimated $2500 in savings annually, trim down to a less expensive coffee shop and instead of going every day, curtail down to once or twice a week. Do exactly the same thing with your debt and savings. Instead of tucking aside $200 per month, try to keep aside $50 every week as this is much easier. You can pay off a credit card bill of $2500 in $500 installments.
  1. Automate all your accounts: There are too many people who promised themselves to transfer money from one account to the savings but forgot! If you’re one among them or if you’re someone who planned to pay a bill by the due date but forgot this is the right time to automate all your accounts. Set a date on which a fixed amount will be debited from your checking account and credited to your savings account. This way you don’t have to remember the dates and yet keep saving money.
  1. Keep a goal of being fee-less: ATM fees, late fees, interest fees and checking account fees are some of the hefty banking fees that take a toll on your wallet and your budget by the end of the month. If you can be successful in making payments on time by automating your accounts, you can aim to be fee-less. We often tend to overlook the fact that such fees constitute a large part of our waste expenses.
Hence, if you’re someone who wants to make money in 2020 and build your financial safety, follow the smart and effective points mentioned above. Get in touch with an advisor if needed.

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