Ward Off Hackers By Investing In Precious Metals – Why Are They A Proven Store Of Wealth?

Have you ever been sceptical about whether or not your wealth can be hacked? Well, this is a threat which is mostly overlooked by investors. Investors actually ignore them at their own peril! In a world where elections can be hacked, who can vouch for the fact that brokerage accounts and banks can’t be hacked? It has just been 5 months into Donald Trump’s presidency and within that time Russia hacked elections and this theory of conspiracy won’t just vanish!

Off late, major e-commerce websites and e-mail providers have been attacked by hackers where they take customer’s secret information and sell it off on the web. In fact you thought that Bitcoin is hack-proof, you need to think again. There are million dollars worth crypto currency which have been digitally hacked by hackers.

Can you reduce vulnerability to hackers by investing in precious metals?

Well precious metals have always proved themselves as storage of wealth for years unknown. During financial instability, precious metals like gold are deemed as safe haven as they’re used to enhance security and preserve wealth to an uncertain economic future. Being finite and tangible resources, precious metals will always retain their inherent value as they’re not controlled by any financial institution or the government. USMoney Reserve is one of the largest distributors of precious metals issued by the American government.

As we know that that there are very few assets which offer your family a shield against economic and political uncertainty, precious metals like silver and gold help protect your wealth from viable threats like hacking and sudden decline of the US dollars or a crash in the stock market.

Investing in precious metals – How to go about the process

When people speak of investing in precious metals, they actually mean buying and selling silver, gold or platinum. Investment can be done in 2 forms; investors can buy the metal and keep it in some private place like your safe or in the bank. Another option is by buying a precious metal ETF. Ideally, this entails purchasing a stock which is tied to the present value of the metal. When the metal’s value goes up, this has a direct relation with the price of the ETF as well.

Big pulses of precious metal investment

It’s a physical commodity: If you own a precious metal like gold, you own a piece of that metal and this is different from the way a stock or share works as it exists on paper.

It’s a controlled item: You won’t find an oversupply of precious metals like gold, silver or platinum. Although such metals are mined most of the time but that doesn’t make it grow at a rapid rate. US Money Reserve sells such metals to the most reputed mints of the world. You can check out their Crunchbase profile to know more on the company.

Its price runs opposite to the economy: Off late, there has been a sudden rise in gold’s value and this has come during a period when the US economy is in a sluggish state. This means that people usually take resort to gold when the economy looks weak and they move out of the precious metal when the economy looks strong.

In case you have a huge portfolio of investments which includes assets of other classes, foreign currency, foreign stocks, cash, bonds and real estate, precious metals can definitely be one more element you may want to add. Precious metals are a volatile piece of the investment picture that can be effortlessly balanced with the other stable assets of your portfolio.


  1. Gold’s appeal dates back many centuries, and it has held on to its value. Whether in the form of jewellery, physical gold, or electronic gold, the metal is indeed valuable. Investors have often been encouraged to invest in gold in order to diversify their portfolios. One can invest in gold through physical or online platforms, such as a gold savings account. To invest in gold online in USA, you will have to find a reputable dealer or use an online platform. Whatever you may choose, gold has proved its effectiveness over the years during various economic recessions. Diversifying to hedge your portfolio from a liquidity crisis or inflation risk, is your choice to make.

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