The Nuances of Money Recycling Explored

Stuff that you’re leaving in your blue bin every day or for that matter every week or month might as well be worth cash! And, that’s how we start off establishing our claims regarding the pragmatism of money recycling. Selling your used cooking oil, using the old corks for a new bottle of wine may not really be stuff that you do or think about every day. However, you can do that if you want to. Here’s where the worth of moneyrecycling comes into play – to cast a very meaningful impact in your life.

Documented below are tips with the help of which you can recycle your money. Do read on in order to find out more in this regard.

Sell your used cooking oil

Let us start off with what we have already said – sell off used cooking oil. Once you read this line your very first impulse would be to dismiss it as mere incongruous. Think about it once again and you will know that biodiesel is a huge industry and that they seriously need cooking oil. It doesn’t really matter whether individuals are buying off craiglists or for that matter the biodiesel firms leaving you a huge can, you can receive up to 75 cents a gallon if a barrel of oil is selling at something around $100.

There are companies like Smart Fuel America that buy their oil from the food services industry or from restaurants. However, if you want you can actually save up substantial yellow grease and sell the same – not on a regular basis but rather on an on and off basis.

Consider trading gift cards

How many of those unused gift cards (that you have received on birthdays or Christmas or any other special occasion) are lying there in your drawer? You can consider trading them if you have absolutely no plans of shopping, eating or visiting the places that had actually offered these cards at the first place.

There is a reason why you can expect money by giving away these gift cards. Let us tell you that they are made from PVC. The plastic obtained from these cards can also be recycled.

If you have spent cards or outdated cards obtained from defunct establishments, you can actually bundle them up and get them recycled. You can earn points from a Gifts Card Recycler for the number of cards that you are able to send.


This might totally catch you off guard but let us tell you that a used cork can get you some money if you are really serious about it. They will not make you uber-rich but might as well get you bucks enough to buy a new bottle of wine.

Mark those handful of places where you will be able to make money with used old corks. The first name which comes to mind is of course eBay. Don’t be surprised if you actually end up finding quite a number of takers in the form of businessmen and craftsmen.

Yemm & Hart Green Materials is a well-known recycler of corks and will definitely pay you for the same. No plastic or synthetic stuff are accepted.

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