The Rise of Mobile Trading

Whilst 20 years ago a mobile phone was a rare site even in the most bustling of metropolises, the great leap forward in mobile technology since the millennium means that mobile devices are now an ever-present part of our lives. If anything this trend towards mobile has only accelerated in the past few years, as the rise of the smart-phone has transformed the mobile from a device for making calls into something that is, to all intents and purposes, a hand-held computer. The UK is a prime example of this trend, with a recent Ofcom report stating that in 2014 a staggering 62% of people were using smart-phones. 

One of the results of this is that both trading information and financial data are now far more accessible to traders. Whilst in the 90’s and even in the 00’s the vast majority of trading transactions were made via desktop, in the past few years the percentage of trading done via mobile has continued to grow by leaps and bounds.  The rise of the tablet has also helped in this regard, since it has proved to be easily transportable whilst also having an easier trading interface than smart-phones due to having a larger screen. 

This leap forward in technology has also come at a time when data is increasingly becoming easier to interpret, with trading courses available to help people get to grips with the rise and fall of the financial markets. In fact, ETX Capital offers a wide variety of trading-related seminars and webinars, all of which are free to ETX Capital clients. 

Whilst in the old days financial news could be slow to circulate, the rise of the internet in general and social media in particular means that the spread of financial news can be almost instantaneous. The accessibility to both social media and trading apps on the same mobile device means that people can react to financial news just seconds after reading it – wherever they are in the world. The ability to trade whilst away from one’s desk has opened up the world of trading; with internet access via mobile phone, anyone can be a financial trader. 

Newcomers to the world of financial trading certainly aren’t spoiled for choice – there are large number of different tradable products out there, with global equities, indices, Forex pairs and commodities all available to trade nowadays via mobile platforms. For example, TraderPro, ETX Capital’s flagship platform, offers thousands of different trading choices to users – and as well as being available on Desktop devices the trading  platform is also available in app format for Android and iOS devices, giving users the flexibility to trade when and where they want to.

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