Different Kinds Of Legal Financial Services That You May Get Help Of

Are you someone who is desperately searching for some legal help? Are you someone who has not been able to keep track of your finances? Do you think that you need expert financial help in order to get back a firm grip on your finances? If answered yes, you need not fret as there are different kinds of legal financial services that are available in the United States of America. Are you drowning in debt? Do you need the help of a debt consolidator or a credit counselor? Or are you wondering about filing bankruptcy and you think you need the help of a bankruptcy attorney? Well, let’s have a look at the services provided by some of the legal financial advisors and the importance of having them in our lives.

  • Legal credit counselor: If your financial situation is in blue and you’re still not in the red, contacting a credit counselor is perhaps the best option out. There are for-profit and non-profit credit counseling agencies that take care of your debts and help you manage them in a systematic manner. The task of the credit counselor is to assess your current financial picture, help you with a frugal budget and also teach your worthy debt management techniques. All you have to do is to follow the budget, save money and keep paying down debt so as to lead a debt free life.
  • Debt management consultant: If the credit counseling agency thinks that you can’t get rid of your debt burden through efforts of your own, they will sign you up with a debt management program or a DMP. Here you may come across a debt management consultant who will sit with you to create an alternative repayment plan through which you can start making payments again. You will have to make a single monthly payment to the debt management consultant and he will disburse all your payments to your respective creditors. The debt management consultant will also report your payments time to time to the credit bureaus so that your credit report remains updated. If there are any disputes regarding the reporting of the payments, that will also be taken care of by the consultant.
  • Bankruptcy attorney: Another legal financial advisor is the bankruptcy attorney. If you file bankruptcy, you should be aware of its legal implications. But since bankruptcy is not a simple process, you will most often need the help and assistance of a bankruptcy attorney. He will take a close look at your assets, at your present monthly income, at your total debt amount and at your ability to repay the debts through Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. If he thinks that you are able to restructure your debts through a Chapter 13 plan, he will not let you file Chapter 7. On the other hand, if he lets you file Chapter 7, it is his duty to disburse your payments to the creditors on time.
Hence, if you’re looking for legal financial services in 2014 so that you don’t make the mistake of taking wrong financial moves, you can consider getting help of the above people based on your need.

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