Why Do You Need a Specialist Solicitor?

Motorcyclists make up only 1% of Britain’s road users, but make up a staggering 19% of fatalities on the road. They have a much increased risk of being involved, indeed killed, in a motorcycle accident than other road users. Motorbikes are more prone to skidding than cars. The riders have considerably less protection than other vehicle drivers; no vehicle surrounding them, no air bag, and no seat belt. Motorcyclists are different from other road users and they should be represented as such. 

At Carry on Biking we have a vast repertoire of experience in dealing with both serious and fatal bike accidents. The legal complexities surrounding this field are intricate and we are well versed in these nuances.

Injuries to bikers

The range of injuries a biker is at risk from is vast. They include but are not limited to:

Concussion-Head injury resulting in amnesia, mood swings, lethargy, insomnia, change in personality, and loss of vision, hearing, balance or co-ordination
Fractured/ dislocated or broken bones
Loss of limb- Either at the scene of the crash or as the result of injury caused amputation
Spinal damage that can lead to physical disability including paralysis
Brain damage that can be as severe as to render a biker paralysed 

Have you been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a bike accident? At Carry on Biking, we understand that the loss of a loved one cannot be compensated by any amount. We know that this is a traumatic time for you, and assure you of the utmost respect of this. You will be treated in a manner sympathetic to the difficulties you are experiencing, and may face in the future. Our team are all experienced in dealing with difficult cases. We want to represent your interests fairly and successfully, all the time supporting you through what can be an extremely difficult period of time. 

Should I claim?

After a personal tragedy, we know that often time’s thoughts of compensation are not a priority. We also know how important financial stability is, especially in times of emotional or psychological hardship. Was your loved one the main/sole provider in your family? Have you sustained an injury that requires you to make costly alterations to your house? Do you require longer term medical care or rehabilitation programmes?

In many circumstances, making a claim for compensation can be part of the process of moving on from the accident. We find that families want a sense of closure, to know what happened and why, if they have suddenly lost a loved one. At Carry on Biking we want to help you on your journey through that process by taking action against those responsible for the accident.

Unfortunately we frequently experience the other parties involved in the accident disputing your claim. In light of this it is most important that you receive sound, expert advice before you make a claim to ensure its success. It is our job to provide you with this clear, expert advice in order to recover the maximum amount of compensation available in your circumstance. 

Here is some more information on motorbike insurance.

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