Can A Disability Attorney Speed Up Your SSD Claim Process?

Yes, it is true that it can take years to receive a final decision on your application for Social Security disability benefits. Although there are ways in which you can reduce the time by taking steps like completing all the paperwork accurately, responding quickly to any Social Security requests for information and assembling your medical records together, yet there is often need for professional help. There are disability attorneys who can assist you during times of need and make sure you receive your Social Security benefits. Read on to know how a disability attorney can speed up the process of getting a decision on your claim sooner.

Facilitating the process of seeking approval in the first round

Did you know that the easiest way of receiving SS benefits is by getting approval based on the original application for SS disability benefits? A disability attorney can increase the chances of winning at the initial application process. The attorney will:
  • Fill out your application form to list how you’re not able to continue work
  • Gather the required medical evidence to prove your medical impairments 
  • Request help from the doctor who can help your case
  • Alert Social Security if you’re suffering from some terminal disease
However, during the first stage, the attorney will only take your case when he thinks that there are major possibilities of winning the case.

Increasing the chances of getting an approval in OTR Decision

Now suppose your original application is denied by the SS, what is the next fastest way? It is by having an OTR (on-the-record) decision. Here a disability attorney will:
  • Gather any new medical documents to answer questions that aren’t there in your medical records but are necessary by Social Security
  • Write a concise brief that clearly meets the requirements set by the SS and also present arguments in favour of you
  • Speak to the Attorney Adjudicator to report the merits of your case and negotiate a date
Assisting you in seeking an approval at the ALJ Hearing stage

What if the OTR decision is denied? Your case will be resent to a hearing. In case you’re applying for Social Security Income and you’re in dire income straights, the attorney will pen down a ‘dire need letter’ for you and this can get your hearing date sooner. In order to increase the chances of winning the appeal, a lawyer can:
  • Prepare you in order answer appropriate questions that may be asked during the hearing
  • Coordinate with you to choose the witnesses who may appear at the hearing and prepare them so that they offer the necessary information.
Hence, when you’re suffering from any kind of Social Security glitches, you can get help of a disability attorney who can assist you in the above mentioned ways and speed up the process of receiving the decision of your claim. Just make sure that the attorney whom you choose has your best interests in mind and is proficient in the services that he offers.

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