9 Ways To Live More Frugally

Living frugally can make a lot of sense and for a lot of us it would be no harm whatsoever to be a little tighter with our cash. Of course, there are plenty of changes each of us can make to our daily lives to cut down on costs and save a little more.


The library is your friend, remember that. Paying for new books or movies is an expensive practice and in a lot of areas, libraries provide plenty for you to utilise. This is significantly beneficial to your budget and saves on needless rentals and monthly streaming costs.

Eat out Less

Eating out is one of the primary ways to waste money. Sure, it’s nice to do so, but if you are prone to eating in a restaurant three or more times a week, that’s a lot of money. Try and eat at home more often, as well as being lower priced, it’s also often a lot healthier. If you do eat out there are plenty of ways to minimise the cost.


Many of us regularly receive coupons in the post or magazines and we should really pay more attention to these. There are plenty of these coupons out there and they can shave around a fifth off a food bill if you’re savvy.


Have you ever thought of selling up your home and downsizing. It can allow you the chance to pay off that mortgage, lower bills and costs and really free things up. It’s a great way to save and one many people can benefit from. With a little innovation you should have no problems if you wish to sell your home fast

Online Bills

A lot of utility companies will provide you with a discount for paying online. Often electricity and gas companies will offer you a 10 per cent discount or higher for signing up to a direct debit and managing your account online.

Car Sharing

Do you live near or pass by someone that works with you each day on the way to your job. If you do then car sharing is a great way to cut down on costs. You can either have a kitty for petrol or alternate weeks. There are also a number of great websites that allow you to find people travelling to the same place as you and so share a lift.


There are plenty of places on line that allow you some freebies. These budget friendly companies offer everything from tickets to the cinema to free gifts and free meals. Keep an eye on line for these promotions.

Car Maintenance

There are a number of things that people tend to pay a premium for and car maintenance is one. One of the finest instances of this is oil changes. It’s very easy to change your own oil and save significantly by doing so.

It’s easy to reduce household costs by just being a little more aware. A lot of people tend to pay over the odds for electricity and will be quite careless with lights and heat. Turn off lights when leaving a room, keep heat on a timer and be aware that there are numerous ways to save on costs by doing this.


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