What a Managed Public Key Infrastructure can do for You

When your small business is managing multiple SSL certificates, the management of these takes time. Time is money, and you can’t afford to be spending money where you don’t need to. Thankfully your PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) can be made much simpler by outsourcing it. They don’t do everything - like making cups of tea - but they do make managing your SSL certificates and other digital certificates much simpler. By saving time on the management of this area of your business, you’re saving cost. Network security of your company is also boosted because you have a full audit trail when it comes to your cloud-based management console.

Requesting SSL certificates one at a time can be a lengthy process, and it can take time for your SSL certificates to be issued. When you have a managed public key infrastructure, the whole process can be expedited. You will have the ability to review and have certificate request approved much quicker than individually ordering them directly through the certificate authority. On certain pre-approved domains, you can also have your SSL certificates instantly issued so that you are not waiting on anybody.

Trying to keep track of renewal dates of all your SSL certificates can be a pain too, especially if you have hundreds of certificates. Managed public key infrastructure systems can give you the flexibility to automatically renew SSL certificates which gives you the freedom to install them at your leisure on your servers. All certificate types that are normally available are also available through managed public key infrastructures - even Extended Validation certificates which means that you can have flexible control of many certificates. Having a cloud-based console means that they can be managed anywhere and at any time. You’ll still also receive the normal benefits such as the Norton Secured Seal which provides added customer confidence for buying.

If you are managing tens of certificates, stop giving yourself a headache and look into centralising this area of your business today.

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