What Your Divorce Lawyer Needs to Know So They Can Help You

When it comes to hiring a divorce lawyer, sometimes it can be difficult and intimidating to talk to a stranger about all of your behind the scenes family issues. You might want to tell them as little as possible because you are uncomfortable airing all of your dirty laundry.

However, in the world of family law, people can sometimes use your secrets against you and every hidden mistake from the past can be used by the other side to make a case against you. This might be the strategy of your ex-partner for claiming custody of children, support payments or assets.

As uncomfortable as you might be sharing your family secrets, your divorce lawyer needs to know them. It is better that they hear the skeletons in your closet now rather than have them surprise you when the witness brings them up on the stand during a cross examination.

Don’t try to hide things from your lawyer, because the more they know the more they can help you. Sharing your past with your lawyer means that they can be prepared for it in the event that this information is revealed.

These are a few of the things that your lawyer needs to know before you begin proceedings, so that they can do their best to help you.

The Reasons for Your Divorce

Your lawyer needs to know the full story of why you are getting divorced. If your spouse was abusive to you or the children, this absolutely needs to come out in court. It is not enough just to say that you don’t think your ex is a good parent, you need to share with your attorney some solid evidence and valid factors which they can use in court to determine issues such as custody and visitation rights.
You also need to be clear whether you are actually seeking a divorce or if you are secretly hoping for reconciliation. Let your lawyer know your goals so that they can work with you and not against you.

The Financial Situation

Many people don’t like talking about their finances to others, but your divorce lawyer needs to know. You must disclose all of your assets to your divorce lawyer so that they can help you divide them with your partner. Don’t try to hide any assets, because if you are discovered you could be held in contempt of court. If either spouse took out credit in the other’s name, or has evidence of a gambling addiction, this is also important information that a lawyer needs to know.

Friends in Common

When a relationship breaks up there are always a few friends who are stuck in the middle. They were your friends when you were a couple and unless they have remained completely impartial, they are likely to choose a side. Do you have any friends in common with your ex, who might be likely to choose their side and testify against you as a form of loyalty to them?

Criminal Record

Your lawyer needs to know if you have a criminal record or you have been involved in any criminal behaviour. This is important, as your spouse may try to use this against you in court. You should also tell your lawyer if you know that your spouse has had any recent arrests, criminal charges or warrants.


You should let your divorce lawyer know if you have ever been treated for an addiction or mental illness. If you have been placed in a treatment centre, this information should come out. This is important information for your lawyer to know, as you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard if it unexpectedly came up in a court room case.


Your lawyer needs to know the full story when it comes to your children. If you have had any past situations which have involved child protective services this is important information that needs to come out. Also, if you have any other children from previous relationships who don’t live with you, this is also something that your lawyer should know. What is your relationship with them and are you supporting them financially?

The bottom line is, no matter what it is, you should never leave out any information that could be important for your divorce lawyer to know while they are representing you. You need to tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It might be difficult to bare all of your secrets, even the ones you are not proud of, but it will be even more difficult if your lawyer hears of them for the first time in the middle of a court battle.

Your divorce lawyer knows you are not perfect but they need to understand who you are so that they can help you.

When you hire a divorce lawyer London, these are some of the important pieces of information that they need to know before representing you in court. 


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