The Benefits of Shopping for a Home with a Mortgage Broker

When the time comes for you to start searching for a new home, using a mortgage broker is one of the options available to you. A mortgage broker is an expert in the world of mortgages, and you’ll likely notice some benefits to working with one over trying to approach lenders on your own. If you don’t fancy going out and contacting lenders all by yourself, you’re not alone. Here are some common mortgage broker benefits.


A mortgage broker is sure to have a large assortment of connections and resources that will help facilitate the best possible deal.  These resources, in the form of multiple lenders, increase the likelihood of you finding the exact mortgage conditions you want.

Rather than making the initial contact and doing all the work yourself, you can just kind of place your order and sit back to wait for the broker to do her thing. 

Inside Knowledge

A mortgage broker also has inside knowledge of how the industry functions, which is another benefit for you.  The broker will know which actions to take and when, depending on the knowledge and experience they have. 

A lender also has knowledge of the industry, but they want you to only get a mortgage with them, not necessarily the best overall deal for you. 

Peace of Mind

What the resources and inside knowledge of a mortgage broker ultimately give is peace of mind.  By using a broker you can feel confident that the broker is looking for a mortgage within the guidelines you set out.  So, at the end of the day, when she presents a mortgage to you, you can feel secure that you’re looking at the best deal that was available.  This peace of mind makes the whole process move along much more smoothly. 

What to Look For

Just because someone has the ‘mortgage broker’ designation doesn’t automatically mean they are a perfect fit to find you a mortgage.  Make sure you ask a lot of questions to potential mortgage brokers, so by the end of the meeting you have a good sense of whether they are the right one for you or not.
Ask about experience, track record, how many active clients they have and if you can speak to any of them.  Not every mortgage broker will be right for every client, but if you’re able to find a good one, you’ll be that much closer to getting the mortgage of your dreams.


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