Juggling Your Finances as a Stay-at-Home Mum

Being a stay-at-home mum is demanding. There are no holidays or days off, your working day doesn’t start at 9am or end at 5pm, and you have countless night shifts to work through.

There are a few things that make your life a little easier though; not least of all your children’s smiling faces and being there to witness their achievements.

There are other ways in which the practical side of being a full-time mum and housewife can be made easier too especially when it comes to money.

Having a credit card is nearly essential in most modern households. Your money situation may change over the months and years, your husband may be made redundant or he may get a better job, your rent or mortgage may go up (or down), an appliance may need replacing; and through all of this, your children will still have all their needs too.

Kids Come First

Your children will still grow and need new clothes, even when your money is stretched tight. They will want to go on school trips, need bags, clothes and stationery supplies for school and of course then there are birthdays and Christmas’ that tend to make everything even tighter!

You can’t keep your kids in clothes that are too small, which is where having a credit card could help you through a difficult month. Doing this you can then pay it off the next month (or for a few months). Totally Money compare credit cards online, so you can choose one that’s best suited for your circumstances. If you are going to spread the payments over a few months then the lower the interest rate the better, if you will pay it all off each month then maybe the rewards will help you choose.


Also there are other bonuses too that you can take advantage of, if you know that you will pay off any of the balance next month, perhaps  go for one with cash back on purchases.

Keeping things under control

One of the best feelings of a stay-at-home mum can be knowing that you’ve got things under control and that you have a credit card for emergencies.

So make sure you’ve researched the right choice for you and your family and you’ll not be worried when you find out your kids have all had a growth spurt!

You’ll be well prepared for these.

Totally Money allow you to compare all the major credit cards in the UK. So, if you are a looking for an amazing interest rate why not compare online?

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