How Young People Can Save Money On Their Car Insurance Quote

Everyone knows how expensive it is for young drivers to insure their first car and the reason behind it is simple: young people are much more likely to have an accident than any other age group or category of drivers. But can a young driver do anything to help them reduce their quote? The answer is yes, and here’s how.

Simple solutions

Car choice
Every new car is assigned to an insurance group- the lower the group, the lower the premium. The best advice when you’re looking for your first car is to be sensible. Buying an older and small-engine car is going to be much cheaper than a brand new car with a powerful engine.

Modifying will multiply
Insurers and the government do not like young racers so modifying your car with a turbocharger or a racing standard exhaust system will pile on the pounds for your insurance quote. So in this circumstance; the more basic your car, the easier it will be on your wallet.

Shop around
Never has it been truer to compare the market for car insurance than it is for the young or new driver. Also, as some insurers won’t even offer policies for the young driver, it can be frustrating and a waste of time calling each insurer to find their quote. And don’t assume that third party policies will always be cheaper than comprehensive policies.

Other options

Pass Plus
Another good way to reduce your car insurance quote is to take the Driving Standards Agency’s Pass Plus course. The scheme gives drivers extra tuition on inner city, motorway and night driving. The course costs around £150 but is well worth it as it can save a driver up to 35% on their car insurance quote.

Black Box
Some insures will give you the option of fitting a driving monitoring device to track your cars movements. These devices look at the times and lengths you drive your car and can often save you money for driving at sensible times of the day and having a low annual mileage.

The last word
Finally, it is crucially important that you divulge your full driving circumstances. For example, if you know you will be using your car for work and driving thousands of miles and you tell the insurer that you won’t be and then you have to claim, it can end up costing you a lot of money as terms of your policy will be broken. Though it isn’t a method of saving money on your car insurance quote, this can still save you money on your car insurance in the long run.

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