Smoker Friendly Term Life Insurance

Although most people know that the best way to get the best price when getting life insurance is to be in the healthiest state you can possibly be, most people also know that this is not as easy as it sounds. Indeed, for any smoker who enjoys their cigarettes and other smoking commodities, being healthy is particularly difficult. And so this is why such things as Term Life Insurance Smoker specific policies exist.

About Term Life Insurance Smoker policies

It might not be much of a secret, but you should know that getting a Term Life Insurance Smoker policy is normally going to cost quite a bit more than traditional life insurance policies. Owing to the risky nature of the chemical dependency, life insurance companies rightly feel that smokers are simply chancy customers at best.

Such an outlook is what drives smokers away from getting life insurance policies, and it is thus what causes them to view it with disdain. But it is nevertheless a fact that life insurance is an important asset to have, especially in these uncertain times. Besides, getting a policy for smokers does not necessarily need to be that bad, if only you know what to do.

Getting a better policy for smokers

Traditionally speaking, smokers cannot qualify for preferred rates in terms of health for obvious reasons. As such, smokers would normally fall either in standard rates or lower under typical circumstances. However, some companies out there can actually bump you up to a higher rate, provided you are familiar with the jargons and methodologies or you have someone to take care of things for you.

Either way, for such reasons, consulting with an independent agent that is both knowledgeable about cases like yours and are amply connected to multiple insurance companies is a good idea. They may have information that can significantly boost your chances of getting a preferable premium or would know which companies are most lenient when it comes to smokers.

Smoking and medical conditions

Now you should know that even if your rates are considerably improved, you can still be brought down if you have some other health condition. Being a nicotine-addicted tobacco user is severe enough. But couple that with something like diabetes and there is no way you are getting anywhere near preferred rates. Such a combination would simply be too hazardous to chance.

If this is the case with you and you still don’t want to have to pay too much, there is simply no other way. You are going to have to give up smoking as diabetes is a bit harder to get rid of.

Non-smoking policy

In order to qualify for a non-smoking life insurance policy, you are going to have to actually quit smoking. Not just in a half-hearted sort of way either as life insurance companies will require you to be clean of nicotine for a year, twelve straight months to be exact. Don’t think about lying either as they have ways to test you. And any false claim on your part will result in serious consequences.

But then, what if you need coverage right at this moment and you still want to get a non-smoking rate? Sorry, nothing you can do about it at this stage other than to get what coverage you can and quit for twelve consecutive months. After that, you can apply again and get the actual policy you want.

This is a wise thing to do mainly because leaving yourself without coverage between now and then could lead to disaster. That would render any attempt to save money useless, as you will agree, and should be avoided.

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