Tips for Recent Law Graduates

Recent law graduates need to be prepared for the highly competitive and crowded job market they are about to enter. The following tips can help new law graduates find employment after graduating and passing the bar exam.

Stay Active

The temptation to take time off relaxing after the stress of finishing law school and the bar exam is strong but recent law graduates need to stay active in the search for a job. Approach the job hunt as a full time job until steady legal employment is secured. Unless there is a job waiting for you right after graduation, it is vitally important to stay active and involved in the employment search.

Observe Courtrooms

Courtroom observation provides invaluable real world experience for recent law graduates. Many courtrooms are open to the public. No matter your intended specialty or area of practice, observing actual real-time litigation can give insight into how the lessons of law school are applied. This insight can be used in job interviews to help you give an impression of preparedness and functional knowledge.

Public Sector Employment

Prosecutors, public defenders and other public sector legal positions may not pay as much as private law firms but they do provide valuable experience and a reliable income for recent law graduates. Benefits such as group insurance and pension plans add to the principal rewards of helping those in need and standing up for justice.

Jobs Outside of the Industry

While waiting for the perfect position in the legal industry, recent law graduates should explore jobs outside of the legal profession. Potential employers are often impressed by the high level of education and focus required to graduate law school and pass the bar exam. Lawyers are great problem solvers, sales people and can keep a company from needing to hire expensive outside legal help.

Pro Bono and Volunteer Work

Experience doing actual legal work goes a long way in job interviews. Recent law graduates should find their local legal aid clinics, or simply someone with a legal issue, and do pro bono or volunteer work. This independent experience will help prepare you for paying work which lies ahead. Before taking on any cases, however, you should invest in some malpractice insurance or take on cases you are entirely confident in your ability to handle.

Recent law graduates should resist the temptation to take a break after law school. The best way to ensure a future in the competitive legal profession is to take fast action at building real world experience.

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