Prepaid Debit Cards-3 Frequently Asked Questions

These days, hardly anyone carries cash around anymore. This is partly because many businesses accept other forms of payment, so it’s not necessary to have cash at all times.

It’s also inconvenient to bring large amounts of cash with you wherever you go. At best, it can be bulky within a wallet. At worst, it can be risky to keep large sums of money on your person in case of being robbed.

Prepaid spending options are the best alternative. Here are three common questions about plastic forms of payment, answered for your convenience.

1) What is a Prepaid Remit and Debit Card?

Before you actually apply for one of these items, it is best to know what they are and how to use them.

These devices are just like credit cards, except that you use your own money to load them ahead of time. This is nice because you don’t have to pay any interest, as you would with credit options.
Combination remit and debit allows you to make purchases of your own, as well as send money to family members or friends in another country.

2) How Can Prepaid Cards Make My Life More Convenient?

There are multiple benefits to using these cards instead of cash or checks.

For one, you have the aforementioned convenience of not having to carry around all of your money at all times in cash form.

Secondly, this is a versatile method of payment that allows you to buy things at stores and online, as well as pay bills.

You also aren’t limited to transactions during business hours, since your payment device is electronic in nature, so you can shop online at night or make bill payments over the weekend.

Sending money far away by way of your card is also a nice way for you to help out those you love. It can give you peace of mind that you are doing something to make their lives better, even if you can’t be with them all the time.

3) How Do I Refill My Card, and Where?

You can put money on your card with cash, direct deposit from your paycheck or a bank account transfer.

Adding cash to your card is simple. All you have to do is go to a participating retailer (like Walmart, Walgreens, Circle K and other stores) and have an associate assist you in loading your money onto your prepaid Visa.

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