Why Should You Use a Bail Bondsman with a National Network

Immediately following an arrest, a person can be traumatized from such a scary experience. This is especially true in the case of arrests of innocent people. It can be difficult to know whom to call first – a lawyer or a bail bondsman. In cases when bail has already been set by the court, a bondsman can get a person out of jail, and back into his or her normal setting so he or she can do research and hire the best lawyer to help win the case.

The question then becomes: Which bondsman should be used when looking for someone to help post bail? Bail bondsmen who have a national network behind them have significant advantages over local bond agents for a number of reasons.

The following are reasons why you should look for a national bail bond network when seeking to hire a bond agent:
  • Network of experience – The benefit of having locations all across the country is that there are a variety of agents with all levels of experience. This network will allow even the newest bond agents to reach out to experienced agents in case they have a question or difficulty posting bail for you. This experience can be extremely beneficial in tricky cases, and in cases that are prolonged.
  • Ensured licensing – Not all bond agents are licensed, nor do they have to be to post bail for you. However, by employing an agency that is part of a national network of agents, you can be better assured that the bail agent you are working with is licensed. The agencies that employ bond agents nationwide typically require their agents to be licensed, and if they are not, they support them in getting their licenses.
  • A reputable base of bond agents – With such a large number of bond agents across the country, it is important to maintain a strong reputation to ensure the success not only of one office, but of the entire network. For this reason, you can be assured that your bond agent will work hard to guarantee his or her reputation stays intact, and you’ll receive the best service possible throughout your bail bond experience.
Hiring a bond agent is a difficult decision, and is made even more difficult when the defendant is already under such stressful circumstances. Getting the defendant back into his or her normal routine quickly is important to help him or her find an excellent lawyer, and have a successful case.


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