Car Insurance in Denmark: The What's and The Why's

When in Denmark, never buy or import a car without securing a car insurance – a requirement by the Danish government. Like most countries, Denmark only allows its inhabitants to drive a car only when it’s already covered by a car insurance policy. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that this isn’t negotiable.

Selecting the appropriate and best policies is crucial for everybody’s protection and peace of mind. If you can’t be assured that your car won’t get damaged. But, at least you are assured that when it does, you know there’s something to back you up. Likewise, having the required or proper car insurance means no brushes with the traffic laws, reinforced better driving habits, and protection of all passengers. Let’s learn what types of insurance policies are available in the country and why it is ever so important to get covered.

Danish Car Insurance – The Basic What’s

What the car insurance policies are offered in Denmark? What is the best choice?
Like almost all countries, the Danish government requires everyone who buys a new car or imports a used one to purchase a car insurance. One of the best Danish guides for car insurance is a forsikring page on bilforsikring in Danish. Otherwise, a car registration will not be possible at all. 
When you purchase a car, car dealers most likely will bind third party insurance policy in the package or offer an additional amount on top of the car price for the insurance. Either way, your vehicle and its insurance policy is a “marriage deal”, so to speak.

Third party or public liability insurance policy is the type of insurance that insures your passengers and their property in case of events that cause them injuries or damages. Therefore, this doesn’t include the driver or policy holder and the vehicle. You will need a different kind of insurance for the said parties – a comprehensive insurance policy.

The comprehensive insurance policy – kaskoforsikring in Danish – meanwhile covers your car against theft, vandalism, collision and other accidents or damages. Liability insurance is required by law while comprehensive insurance is optional. Although the latter isn’t required to be allowed to drive in the country, insurance companies require vehicle owners to have one if you have a loan on the car.
Other types of insurance offered are standard accident insurance, extended accident insurance and driver/passenger accident insurance. You can opt for one over the other or custom –combine them depending on your requirements or needs. To check for the bets options, get the expert opinion of insurance providers and determine what fits your budget. Insurance packages may even include roadside assistance and life insurance in their packages.

Danish Car Insurance – The Why’s

We can’t argue the benefits of a bilforsikring. Responsible automobile owners protect both their property as well as the well-bring of other people in case of untoward traffic and vehicular events. And that can only be possible when they get insurance for their cars, compulsory and optional.
You don’t want accidents and damages to happen, but whether you like it or not, they do. And the best way to protect drivers, passengers and cars from financial and legal burden is investing in an insurance that works for your potential needs. 

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