Why Timber Roof Lanterns Should Be Your Next Project!

A property with natural light lacking in certain areas, or a property with an interesting internal layout (either a converted barn style property or an old townhouse, in the latter case) can be greatly enhance by installing timber roof lanterns.  A roof lantern is basically a glass roof, designed to bring natural light in where there are no suitable windows. Make it with timber beams and it also become a conversation starter and a focal point for the whole design of your living area.

One of the best timber roof lanterns I’ve seen was on the conversion of an old town house in North London – one of those three level, tall and thin houses with a scrubby little back yard and extremely poor natural lighting at the back. The company doing the conversion extended the kitchen back out into the garden, using timber roof lanterns for light and to give the extension an airy feel. A suspended ceiling was pulled from the existing kitchen into the extended space, with the roof lantern hanging above it to give plenty of natural light and a very dramatic feeling of space inside.

By overhanging the timber roof lanterns (i.e. ensuring that the glass roof part of the design was much bigger than the suspended ceiling) the architect was able to create a kitchen where you could cook by natural light during the day – and at night hold dinner parties with the moon and stars effectively becoming part of the room.

Timber roof lanterns can be used in all sorts of domestic properties to create a striking look (both inside and out) and to deliver a real feeling of extra space. Stairways, for example, coming down through a part of the home where there are no windows in the wall, can be completely transformed by hanging timber roof lanterns above them. Try creating a space filled with natural light on your dark back staircase, and installing some exotic plants to climb towards the new light source. It’ll transform your home.

Timber roof lanterns can be built to pretty much any dimensions and with a wide choice of glazing you can be as energy efficient as you want to be. Open your home to the skies and you’ll be amazed at the transformation!


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