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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Madison Street Capital Advises PPI Through Its Recapitalization By KJM Capital

The PPI And KJM Capital Transaction

As a notable international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital recently secured an advisory role with Professional Pipe Inc. KJM Capital LLC restructured PPI's debt through a majority recapitalization. Madison Street Capital's Charles Botchwayannounced the transaction but did not disclose the terms of it. Jay Rodgers was a key player and an adviser for the transaction. PPI's John Tyson said that Madison Street Capital was grateful for his counsel and advice during the lengthy and challenging process. Also, he said that the event would not have been possible without strong cooperation from everyone involved. KJM Capital's Kenneth Meister said that the company was pleased to work with PPI toward its continued success in providing process piping services to the refrigerated food industry. The company's management members are looking forward to joining a leading team in the industry. Mr. Rodgers praised PPI's excellence in performance consistency, which spans more than four decades. He said that Madison Street Capital likes to match strategic partners with entrepreneurs, and he acknowledged that the relationships and experiences of KJM Capital will help PPI move to the next level. The full article about this transaction is available on

Professional Pipe Inc.

PPI mostly works with manufacturing companies, and it makes and installs process piping for their facilities. Some of the company's clients are large poultry processing plants. In 1972, PPI was founded in North Carolina. It mostly served the textile industry for its first few years of operation. When 2006 arrived, the company shifted its focus toward food processing companies. In addition to new piping construction projects, the company provides renovation services, replacement parts and facility maintenance for its clients.

KJM Capital LLC

Kenneth J. Meister founded KJM Capital LLC with his partners. They formed the company with the vision of acquiring middle-market entities and smaller companies with business clients. KJM Capital is especially interested in working with existing owners of businesses. It provides expert advice in finance, accounting, software applications and other services. Also, the company boasts exceptional customer service. The private equity firm's team includes C-level and financial operating executives, and each person has at least 20 years of experience in management or acquisitions with private equity companies. KJM Capital often works with businesses that are owned by families, individual founders or small groups of founders. The company is good at helping owners who want to exit their businesses if there is steady cash flow, and it helps facilitate the transition of a new leader taking over a client's business. If a company does not perform well but can show its ability to remain profitable, KJM Capital may work with the entity. After a transaction, KJM Capital provides additional IT and financial support to help promote growth.

Madison Street Capital

In 2005, Madison Street Capital was founded by business partners Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway. Mr. Marsala is the chief operating officer of the company today. Mr. Botchway is the CEO. Madison Street Capital is a middle-market investment firm with offices in Africa, North America and Asia. It provides its services to a wide variety of industries. When a business owner wants to sell a company, Madison Street Capital matches the entity with a buyer. However, it strives to match buyers and sellers that are compatible and can offer maximum mutual benefits to one another. While Madison Street Capital focuses mostly on business, they also place importance on charity. It helps several faith-based charities as well as disaster relief organizations. One of Madison Street Capital's biggest priorities is integrity in leadership, which it demonstrates with its advising services for corporate entities. When it comes to foreign and domestic markets, Madison Street Capital is a leader in corporate governance. It has completed many mergers and acquisitions in the past. Although some of the company's clients are private businesses, others are public entities.

With its valuable services and expert advice, Madison Street Capital is a leader in the corporate finance world today. Its services give clients the right tools to succeed in a fast-paced and evolving global marketplace. When the company takes on a new project, it analyzes the client's needs and goals carefully. By doing this, Madison Street Capital's team can customize their services and make the client's goals their own. The company sees emerging markets as integral parts of global growth for all of its clients. In the future, Madison Street Capital plans to seek significant assets for its target markets. Since it offers unparalleled dedication and the highest professional standards, the company earns the respect and trust of clients across the globe. Madison Street Capital has also won several awards for its services. For example, it recently won an award for its role in the acquisition of Acuna and Associates by Dowco Group. The award recognized Madison Street Capital for exemplary work in facilitating a complex transaction.

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