What's the Best Time to Trade Forex for Better Results?

The Forex or Foreign Exchange market offers abundant money making opportunities to traders. It is open round the clock from Mondays thru Fridays of every week.

The Forex market provides us several sweet Forex opportunities each day. This is made possible by events everyday like any political news or economic data release. These are some of the moving factors for the market and they are very valuable to every trader.

However, the Forex market does not always present good trading chances every hour. About 70% of the trading is actually non-trending market and only 30% is trending market. Whatever is your trading style and goals, what is important is the right timing. In every business, timing is very important. Timing is very important when you use margin. So it is very important that you pay attention to Forex trading hours.

Forex Trading Hours

The Forex trading hours are the hours in a day in a particular region where trading is higher than the particular hours. At some specific instance through the day, traders in the forex market experience higher fluctuation rates which signifies the movements within the markets. At such environment, it would be more profitable to make bids. 

Generally, the Forex market opens at 22:00 GMT on Sunday and it closes at 22:00 GMT on Friday. There are four major trading sessions in the Forex market that you need to be aware of. There is the Australian Trading Session, London Trading Session, Asian Trading Session and New York Trading Session. You need to know which of the trading sessions present good opportunities.

So what is the best hours to trade Forex? Obviously, the best Forex trading hours is the London Trading Session which opens from 08:00 GMT to 18:00 GMT daily. The London market is the biggest Forex market. It is also the busiest trading hours. Additionally, there are important events and data that is released during the London Trading Session which is what makes it the most favourite trading session among most traders in the world.

How Will I benefit from understanding these timelines?

Once that you gained knowledge about the forex trading hours, you can now maximize concentration of your resources and make the best out of them. You can program your assets and your trading system so that you'll be alert. This will make your task as a trader much simpler.

The foreign exchange market is a platform utilizing international currency trade. This is where we benefit from the various matching pairs of currencies. This is how individuals make a living out these currencies. If we know the best timing to trade forex, we will be able to get the most of our trade.
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