Five Ways To Avoid A DUI Charge

Driving is a dangerous exercise at the best of times, but driving while under the influence of drink or drugs is seriously dangerous. Your judgment will be impaired and your reaction times will be significantly slower. But despite the obvious dangers attached to driving while intoxicated, millions of people do exactly that every year. Some are lucky enough to get home in one piece, but others end up causing accidents or killing themselves in the process. So what are the five best ways to avoid a DUI charge?

The Terrible Consequences of Driving While Intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated can seriously ruin your life and here’s how:

Lose your license – Not so great if you need a drivers’ license to earn a living or ferry the kids around.

Write off the car – Insurance companies won’t normally pay out on a claim if the insured was drunk driving.

Injure yourself or others – If you injure yourself, it’s bad enough, but if someone else is badly hurt as a result of your stupidity, it’s not great.

Kill yourself or others – Could you live with yourself if you killed a person because you were drunk behind the wheel? And how would your family feel if you died in a car wreck whilst dunk?

How to Avoid a DUI Conviction

Become tee-total– Sounds obvious, but the best way to avoid a drink driving charge is not to drink at all. You’ll never have to suffer another hangover and think of all the money you will save in the process.

Only drink at home – If you can’t bear the thought of never enjoying another glass of wine again, restrict your drinking to evenings when you are safely ensconced on the sofa at home. Alcohol is a lot cheaper if bought from a supermarket as opposed to a bar, so once again, think of how much money you will save.

Appoint a designated driver – Nights out with your friends might not be the same if you can’t drink, so to ensure you have the best time ever, appoint a designated driver to ferry everyone around. To keep things fair, draw up a rota so the same person isn’t lumbered every week.

Book a taxi – To save the horror of standing around at 3 AM waiting for a ride home, book a taxi in advance. If you use a reliable driver, he will be waiting for you at a pre-arranged location.
Beg a friend or loved one for a ride home – Another easy way to secure transport home from a drunken night out is to secure a lift in advance. Your dad might not be too thrilled at the thought of waiting up until 2AM to pick you up from a club, but at least you won’t decide to drive home whilst drunk.

If you are daft enough to get behind the wheel after a few drinks, you better make sure you have the number of a really good DUI attorney on speed dial, because you will probably be needing him sooner rather than later.

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