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When To Hire A Specialized Lawyer

Legal Situations That Demand A Specialist Instead Of A General Practice Attorney

Legal matters can be expensive, and they can cost you even more if you don’t have the right kind of lawyer. If you ever do find yourself in a legal situation, you have a choice between hiring a general practice attorney and an attorney that specializes in a particular area of the law. Certain situations are fine for a general practice attorney while others will need the expert knowledge and experience of a specialized attorney. So just when is it time to break out the specialized guns?

Tax Fraud

Tax laws are extremely complex and can be outside of the comfort zone of a general practice attorney. If you’ve been accused of tax fraud or if you’re about to be audited, you’ll want to find yourself a good attorney who specializes in tax law. Tax fraud is a serious offense that comes with equally serious fees and potential jail time as well. Tax lawyers can help you navigate the intricacies of tax court and inform you of any legal terms that you need to be aware of.


If you feel that filing bankruptcy is the only way to get out from under the mountain of debt you’ve found yourself under, then you should consult a bankruptcy lawyer to learn how the federal bankruptcy court works. There are certain rules, regulations and restrictions when it comes to filing bankruptcy. The repercussions of bankruptcy will be felt for several years to come, and it’s vital that you know what you’ll be exposing yourself to.


Criminal lawyers are the best prepared to assist you if you’ve been accused of a crime. They have intimate knowledge of affirmative defenses, how to choose a jury, ways to gather adequate evidence and how to present that evidence. You might think that the crime you’re being accused of is a minor one, but you truly have no way of knowing your sentence until it’s handed to you. Get in touch with a criminal lawyer if you even think there’s a chance that you could be accused of a crime since time is of the essence when dealing with criminal cases.

On a related note, you should also get a personal injury lawyer if you’re ever accused of injuring someone or if you feel someone is responsible for injuring you. There’s a chance that you’ll be found responsible for paying the accuser’s medical bills and any other damages they feel you should pay. A personal injury can also make sure that the plaintiff hasn’t met their burden of providing evidence that it was you who caused their injury.


You might think that you only need an attorney if your business is in trouble, but you’ll want to consult one before you even have a business to get into trouble. A business lawyer will inform you of the proper way to patent your business products, if you should set up your business as a C-corp or an S-corp and get you started on your business venture on the best of terms.

Don’t take your chances with sorting out legal matters on your own and don’t underestimate the severity of a court case that you’re involved in. Get a legal professional with intimate knowledge and an abundance of experience.

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