Global economic scene in 2014 – Pessimists feel optimistic about the economy

As we prepare to step into 2014, every consumer is concerned about his personal financial condition. What about the position of the global economy in 2014? This is a perennial question among the analysts, the investment bankers and the industry experts. Reports and studies suggest that the world economic scene is yet again evolving with stronger potential of growth in the US, UK and China as they emerge as strong market forces. On the whole, different countries will see positive growth and a few others might not be subject to extreme positive growth. Read on the concerns of this article to know what the New Year holds for some of the economic superpowers throughout the globe.

Vital Facts On International Finance – A Look At The Bigger Picture

When it comes to the finances of a nation, the two underlying categories are personal finance and international finance. While the former deals with the financial issues faced by the individuals, the consumers and the citizens of the country, the latter deals with the wider perspective of the financial issues faced by the entire nation as a whole, as an economy. While there are innumerable articles on the web about managing personal finances and the facts associated with it, there are very few who take a look at the bigger picture. The concerns of this article deal with some of the important facts on international finance that everyone should take into account. Have a look.

Take immediate actions to slash off your festive costs – Xmas money saving tips

Every January, there are hundreds of people who complain “I’m bankrupt now”, as if Christmas was a huge surprise for them. Well, if you’re yet to know the date for Christmas, then it’s on the 25th of December and unless you mark it in your diary, you may spend most of the New Year curing your financial woes. As prevention is always better than cure, you should ensure following some of the smart money-saving tips for Christmas so that you don’t end up racking more debt than what you could afford. You open the web and you will get innumerable information on how to save money during Christmas, but how many of you follow those tips after reading them? Check out some worthy money saving deals that you can watch out for this Christmas.

International Tax Planning Tips And Advices

The globalization of businesses has opened new opportunities for the investors as well as the invests. One thing that is the main source of concern for various international investors is tax issues. Therefore, they plan ahead so that they can follow fair and legitimate tax regime.

Here are some international tax planning tips that can help you out in the process.

Why Should You Start Thinking About Your Will?

death at the crossroads
Writing a will isn’t a matter that many people want to think about at great length. After all, to do that you also have to think about the fact that one day you’re going to die, whether it’s 60 years from now, in bed, surrounded by grandchildren and loved ones, or tomorrow when a freak accident results in a weather satellite landing on your house.

But while it’s not really a savoury subject to consider, the fact is that if the worst should happen having a will is a good way to make a bad time easier for your loved ones. Here’s why you should start thinking about one now.

Seven Things To Look For In An Attorney

There is a great possibility that at one point or another throughout someone's life, the services of an attorney will need to be rendered. Even if a person doesn't find him or herself in criminal trouble, an attorney can be of great assistance in many other situations. Some of the most common reasons that the services of an experienced attorney are needed include:

5 Tips To Negotiating A Financial Settlement

 financial settlementSometimes in life things might not go according to plan and you will be left with a need to negotiate a financial settlement. There are three common types of financial settlements and they are a divorce settlement, a debt settlement and a structured settlement.

Five Ways To Avoid A DUI Charge

Driving is a dangerous exercise at the best of times, but driving while under the influence of drink or drugs is seriously dangerous. Your judgment will be impaired and your reaction times will be significantly slower. But despite the obvious dangers attached to driving while intoxicated, millions of people do exactly that every year. Some are lucky enough to get home in one piece, but others end up causing accidents or killing themselves in the process. So what are the five best ways to avoid a DUI charge?

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Tax Accountant 
Many people find filing their tax assessment and tax returns extremely confusing and time consuming. The alternative is to hire an experienced tax accountant to take the load of you. Most accountants will charge around $300 for their service while ones online will charge anywhere from $100 to $200. That being said what is the best way to find a trust worthy and experienced accountant?

Social Security Benefits For Children: Why Is Approval So Difficult?

When thinking about recipients of social security benefits, we typically focus on adults.  We think about people who were injured in accidents and receive social security disability benefits because they are unable to work. Or we think about seniors who are retired and rely on social security benefits as their income.  However, children are can also be eligible to receive social security benefits.

Law Firm Websites: Avoiding Misleading Information

Did you know that the American Bar Association has created rules and regulations that apply to law firm website information? It is a specific set of rules that governs what information may and may not be presented by a law firm or individual lawyer’s website online. This guidelines protect potential customers from receiving false or misleading information about a specific law firm.

Read The Reviews To Be Sure

Taking out a loan via an online site has become increasingly popular. They have triumphed while the high street banks have been loath to lend and many people prefer being able to fill in the forms etc online – it’s so much quicker.

Many online loan sites offer unsecured loans to all even if you have poor credit rating. Some sites act as brokers or an intermediary meaning that the company themselves don’t loan you money. They find a company that will.

Making Contact With Your Loan Company

You probably know that one of the biggest tools we have for relationships of any kind is communication. In fact if we were all better at communicating there would probably never be so many misunderstandings at home, at work or in business.

In this day and age we have so many ways to communicate that you would think we’d all be superb at it too. OK text messaging may not have improved our spelling and we may litter everything with hash tags (#) but we keep in touch.

When Is It Legal To Conduct Surveillance On A US Citizen

photo credit: <a href= 
Privacy is a right that every citizen enjoys. By law, no one has the right to invade on your private lives. That’s why there are crimes like identity theft and, apparently, invasion of privacy. These are a breach of your right to keep certain details about your life hidden. However, there could be cases that this right is violated, in a sense, out of necessity.

Common Defenses Used In Criminal Law

If you have been faced with your first misdemeanor or felony, you may be confused or unsure of what your choices are regarding defending yourself. Luckily, charges can be greatly reduced with an effective criminal defense attorney, who can help you develop the appropriate defense for your charge. Let’s take a look at what some defenses used are in criminal law cases.

First, defenses are divided into two categories, pleading that you did do it or pleading that you did not do it. Each category comes with a variety of defenses that can help minimize punishments.

Choosing An Investment Fraud Attorney

An investment fraud attorney is an attorney who helps people who have lost their investment because their advisers or stock brokers mismanaged their money. If you are pursuing an investment fraud case, you may be wondering how to find the right investment fraud attorney to represent you. Finding the right fraud attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Before you choose an attorney, it is important to consider what you really need to look for in a fraud attorney.

5 Tips For Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Many types of fatal incidents will involve the wrongful death of an individual. This will include an accident that involves a car, truck, and a motorcycle. Defective products and medical malpractice cases will also be included in wrongful death claims. Many cases can be complex due to a variety of issues with varying laws that are applied. Filing a successful wrongful death claim can be done by following a few tips to ensure a successful outcome.

How To Avoid A Tax Audit

There are thousands of citizens who do not pay their income taxes each year, which leaves the government scrambling to find a way to pay its bills. This has prompted the IRS to increase the number of people they audit every year. While you can’t prevent your return from being audited, there are some things you can do so that your return does not draw attention of the IRS.

Five Questions To Ask Your Lawyer After Being Injured

Being injured in a car accident or any accident can be an overwhelming experience. If you need to hire an attorney, or if you have an attorney and need to meet with him or her regarding your accident and injuries, you should have a list of questions to ask him or her before you meet. Below are five questions you should remember to ask your lawyer.

How To Choose The Insurance For Your Needs

Individual Insurance Provider in Wilmington, NCIf you operate a small business, you should ensure that all aspects of your line of work is covered with your insurance policy. Most policies over fairly wide coverage but, but might not cover particular potential issues, you should look elsewhere or consider adding on another insurance policy that covers that specifically.

If you need more help, take the time to run this information past someone close to you who has a good understanding about insurance policies.

Save Money On Winter Heating Bills

With winter fast approaching that means more money spent on winter heating bills. Heating bills often sneak up on us, and can sometimes be much higher than expected, Parrot Loans can make paying these bills manageable.  This is true especially if homes haven't been winterized, or other precautions haven't been taken to keep bills from skyrocketing. While it might be impossible to eliminate winter bills, there are things most of us can do to significantly reduce wasted heat and wasted money.

Choosing A Lawyer Who Will Be Right For You

Bankruptcy Law Firm in Pittsburgh PAIf you are facing a legal situation, your first thought is probably going to be that you need a lawyer. Although this might seem frightening, it's not really that hard. Read the next few paragraphs to learn how you can find a great lawyer.

Make sure to ask for your lawyers history prior to hiring decision. Just because they can practice doesn't mean he is good. Be sure that you evaluate their record so that you're able to determine how well he does his job.

The Legal Process For Immigrating To America

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The United States is one of the top choices of countries for foreigners to immigrate to. The country received a boom in immigrant travelers after the quota on ethinicities was lifted in 1965, which effectively turned the U.S. “open” for immigrants who see opportunities in the Land of the Free. In the first ten years of the New Millennium alone, around 14 million immigrants have been admitted to the borders of the United States.

Selling A Settlement: The Advantages

So you have a structured settlement and don’t know what to do with it? Well, there are many things you can do, but first you have to access the situation. What’s your credit look like? Do have cash on hand if need be? Have you invested in the past? How long can you wait for a cash settlement? These questions and more are going be raised when deciding what to do with a structured settlement. While it could turn into a long confusing process, here are some tips that will help you with your decision on whether or not to sell your structure structured settlement payment.

7 Things Not To Do When Looking For A Mortgage

Whether you’re a first time buyer or not, looking for a mortgage is a highly stressful and sometimes confusing task for most people. It’s such a minefield that for some, it’s more stressful than divorce! Because the property markets change so often and sometimes almost overnight, the prices and types of mortgages which will be available to you will also change. You need to be clued-up and aware of what you are getting into before you commit to possibly a lifetime of repayments.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Surrounding 18-Wheelers And Trucks

Approximately 500,000 truck accidents occur per year and nearly 12% of those accidents end in fatalities. Roughly 90 people per day are injured or killed in 18-wheeler accidents in the United States alone. One of these, “big rigs” as they are sometimes called, weigh about 20-30 times what a regular car weighs.

Common Causes

Tired drivers are the most common cause of big truck accidents. The reality of a truck driver’s life is that they put in far more hours than the law allows, because their house reflect in their paychecks. However, that is why it is common for them to fall asleep; they would drive until they are truly exhausted. There are other causes as well as driver fatigue. These include but are not limited to, faulty or poorly maintained equipment and sideswiping another vehicle when changing lanes.

Common Claims Mistakes Your Personal Injury Attorney Doesn't Want To See You Make

Dublin Castle Gates of Fortitude and Justice 05
People get hurt every day in personal injury incidents, and many of them don't take the proper steps to ensure that their claim is handled in the best manner possible. The days following an accident can be confusing, making it more important to know beforehand what to do should you ever find yourself in an injured state. Time is of the essence, and with the help of a personal injury attorney, you should be able to get the ball rolling quickly on recouping medical expenses and lost wages. So avoid these common mistakes that people make after being involved in a situation causing bodily harm, and protect yourself by taking the appropriate actions in the beginning. This will eliminate or lessen need for damage control to get your case back on track.

Tops Tips On Making A Personal Injury Claim For Psychological Damage

When the majority of people hear the phrase “personal injury claim” they have an image of someone slipping on split water in a public place, an image of whiplash following a road traffic accident or an image of someone falling from a ladder in the workplace. Many people don’t visualize psychological injuries.

I thought that personal injury referred to physical injury…?

In some cases, psychological injuries can be even more severe than physical injury. Whilst many physical injuries heal within a matter of months or years, psychological injuries can prevent a claimant from leading a normal life ever again. According to statistics, around a quarter of those who have been involved in a traumatic incident go on to suffer from psychological issues. If the event that the incident was the fault of another party – such as a road accident or a work incident – you may be entitled to claim compensation for personal injury.

What type of psychological injury could I claim for?

The effect that a psychological injury has on an individual can vary from one person to the next. Some people suffer from anxiety or depression. In severe cases, people can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. When suffering from one of these conditions, an individual may find it difficult or even impossible to work again.

How does an accident result in psychological injury?

Depending on the event and the after effects, the psychological injury sustained varies greatly from one case to the next. Many people suffer from psychological repercussions following a road accident. If you have been in a car crash, you could find that you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks to the point that you may struggle to get behind the wheel again.

Similarly, if you suffer from an accident in the workplace, this could result in anxiety in the future, preventing you from doing normal work based activity due to your fears.

If you are harassed, bullied or discriminated against in the workplace, you could suffer from long term problems such as depression, anxiety or stress which make it difficult for you to return to your workplace.
A common form of psychological personal injury claim is military related incidents. Soldiers often witness horrific things whilst out in the field and the effects of their experiences can hit them later and result in post-traumatic stress disorder.

Are cases of psychological injury taken seriously?

There are a wide range of situations which can result in psychological injury and it is important that you don’t suffer in silence. Although psychological personal injury claims can be more sensitive to discuss, it is important that you remain strong and get the compensation that you deserve.

Psychological injury can prevent you from leading a normal life and in some circumstances, you may never recover. If another party is responsible for this chance in your life, it is only fair that you get the justice that you deserve. You can be assured that courts will take psychological cases equally as seriously as cases for physical injury.

How To Evaluate Potential Lawyers

In the middle of stressful legal trouble, people must have 100% trust in the criminal defense lawyer who’s handling their case.  Life can feel incredibly unstable when criminal charges are on the table. Before hiring a lawyer, feeling completely at ease and confident in your lawyer’s skills will take a mountain of anxiety off of a person’s back.

Defense attorneys want you to trust them. Law school and years of experience working through cases give them the ability to bring your case to a successful resolution. So how can you determine whether or not a law firm or attorney is going to command your trust and handle your case capably?

Don’t judge based on the wrong factors.

It’s important to get a good feeling about the attorney early on, from everything from the way they interact with you on your initial phone call to the way they reach out to potential clients through their marketing materials and website. Be careful about judging them before you meet them in person, however, as this is the best way to truly judge their character and capabilities. You’ll be spending a lot of time working with your lawyer, so you want to make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Read reviews about them from other clients.

It should be quickly apparent whether or not the lawyer is someone you want to work with when you hear the recommendations of others. Again, take them with a grain of salt, as some clients are more difficult to please than others. But great reviews can be a green light, while an abundance of poor reviews should be a red flag. Most lawyers list testimonials on their own site, but you can also find them on lawyer review sites such as Super Lawyers and Avvo.

See what the community says.

Do searches online of the lawyer or law firm’s name. See if the press has highlighted their achievements in any way. Does this person have high rankings and positive press? When you search their name, do the results paint a positive picture of this person as a respected legal professional?

Consider awards or recognitions they have achieved.

As with any profession, awards and recognitions denote a person who has worked hard and been celebrated in their field. These are strong indications that the attorney is someone you can trust. Have they been active in their legal community? Have they chaired groups or published research? Have local publications recognized their work in any way?

Follow your gut at the initial consultation.

Although first impressions can be misguided, we can often trust our instincts after spending half an hour or an hour with someone. The purpose of the initial consultation is to give you the chance to evaluate how much you’d be comfortable working with this lawyer. If an attorney’s office manner, personality, and way of interacting with you is reassuring and puts you at ease from the get-go, it’s a good sign that you will feel like they are capable and trustworthy later on.

Making Sure Your Lawyer Works For You

Alimony in Nashua, NHThere are lots of reasons to have a lawyer. There is lots to consider like fee structures, including experience, and more. The information in the next few paragraphs will help you deal with a lawyer more successfully.

Think of what your issue long and hard prior to looking for legal counsel. The first thing to do is think about whether you actually require a lawyer. If you are involved in a lawsuit, have been accused of a crime or are entangled in a bitter divorce, you will need legal representation.

Don't play "Pin the Tail on the Lawyer" with the aid of the page! It is hugely important to research your choices to ensure you are getting the best. You don't want to find that you choose the wrong lawyer without a valid license or one who has been sued for malpractice.

Find out whether or not a lawyer is experienced with your case type.Just because a lawyer lists that he specializes in cases like yours doesn't mean they'll win your case.

Research the types of fees you consider. Speak to your potential lawyers what you are expecting to spend and goals are. Know what cost overruns may happen.

You want to have the best communication possible with your lawyer on a regular basis. If you have deadlines coming up, then you must provide your lawyer with anything that is needed. This will give you the outcome of your case.

Your case may be put off by a lawyer if your attorney is busy with other cases. Ask your lawyer immediately whether or not they have adequate time to handle your case. They must be honest about their schedule so you're able to find an attorney that has the time you need to get the job done.

If you are not treated professionally before you retain the lawyer, you may have some insight into how clients 
are treated.

A good lawyer is aware that guarantees are not possible; the ones who make those claims are just to get you to hire them. This is something you should watch out for.

Family Law Attorney in Nashua, NH
Know your case inside and out before talking to a lawyer. If you aren't aware of the issues involved, you may not be able to pick the best lawyer for your case. This knowledge will give you in making wise decisions.

Look at where the school your lawyer attended school. A better school means hard courses and a greater degree of application to their law degree. A lawyer that's great may be from a school that's not that great, but that should be something you know when you are making choices.

You will be hard-pressed to find good legal representation if you wish to sue to prove a point but there is little money involved. You may be thought of as nothing more than an instigator who will never be satisfied. Sue strictly for money and let the money.

Even if you need a lawyer for a simple matter, it is important to choose a lawyer carefully so everything has the best chance of going smoothly. Keep in mind the advice in this article when you need to get a lawyer. It is good advice to make the process smooth and less stressful.

The Qualifications For The Best Trial Lawyers

Attorney Services in Houston TXThere are many different things you must do to find the correct lawyer for when choosing a lawyer. This is an important situation; you're not just choosing what brand of gum at the store! Read on and working with an attorney.

Don't choose the very first attorney you find. Do thorough research since choosing the wrong one can end badly. Ask as much information as you can on any lawyers you're thinking about hiring.

Lawyers maintain the experience that is necessary to deal with these situations.

You want to always be able to stay in contact with your lawyer. One common complaints people have about lawyers is being unable to get in touch. You don't want to avoid being left wondering what's going just because your lawyer is out playing golf.

You may not realize that lawyers must keep your discussions confidential. For instance, if you share a very personal matter that you do not want others to know, nothing can be discussed with your competition.

Attorney Services in Houston TX

Don't just accept the very first lawyer in the Yellow Pages as your choice! It is hugely important to research your choices to ensure you are getting the best. You don't want to find out that you've hired a lawyer without a valid license or one who has been sued for malpractice.

You need to touch base with your lawyer about the best time for you to work together. Many lawyers get paid and go without contacting their clients for a long time. You may be able to avoid this sort of situation by setting up with a schedule at the outset.

Ask your loved ones and family if they know any good lawyers. This can help you and reduces your work.
You shouldn't be hesitant of asking your lawyer any questions you may have.A lawyer will be able to explain to you exactly what they're doing every step of the way.

Prior to hiring your lawyer, check for complaints at your local bar association. If there are complaints, read into them and make your judgments on whether you want to hire them.

The lawyer can give you a better estimate of their charges if they know what all the information available. Being efficient when dealing with lawyers can save you money.

If the staff of your lawyer's office is not returning calls quickly or treating you politely, you can expect this behavior to continue after you have hired the attorney.

It is very important for you and your selected lawyer get on well. If you do not feel comfortable with the lawyer during your first few meetings, you won't have a good client-lawyer relationship. Trust your instincts when choosing a lawyer that suits you.

Know about your case inside and out before talking to a lawyer. If you don't know the specifics of your case, you can't very well explain them to a lawyer. This knowledge will aid you in the best position to succeed.

You should now know how to go about choosing a good lawyer. Keep this advice in mind to find an attorney that will help you. You will not regret reading this article because what you have learned here is valuable.

HMRC’s Trouble with the QROPS List… Again

The Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) program has been consistently increasing in popularity since its inception in 2004. Introduced initially as a means of protecting British expatriate pensioners from double taxation on the pensions that accompany them overseas, the preferential tax rates offered by so many foreign jurisdictions and flexible pension investment opportunities offered by QROPS proved enormously attractive.

In 2011 there were around 21,000 people with QROPS. By next year it’s estimated that 567,000 people will have overseas pension schemes- the accompanying asset increase is something like 2700%. Near the beginning of 2013, around £2.6 billion had QROP schemes while the current reporting has that number shows upward of £6 billion. Market analysts predict that in the near future the total figure may top £281 billion.

It’s an impressive climb, particularly if the pension scheme industry’s rocky history is taken into account. On April 11, 2012 Guernsey was the undisputed world champion pension investment jurisdiction. It swept the financial industries awards for best place to invest one’s pension and a third of all QROPS landed there. In late March 2012, HMRC announced that changes had been made to the QROPS regime. On April 12, HMRC released a revised list of acceptable schemes. Of Guernsey’s 313 ‘recognised’ schemes, 310 had been delisted- more than 99% of them. The Bailiwick of Guernsey’s QROPS industry was eviscerated and effectively ended.

The blow was sufficiently heavy to rattle expat pensioner all over the world. One day the world’s most popular pension investment jurisdiction had a wider slice of the pie, the next day they were lucky to find crumbs. If Revenue could summarily (and some said arbitrarily) strike hundreds of ‘recognised’, popular Guernsey schemes from their list literally overnight, many asked, could the same happen anywhere else?

To some widespread consternation the answer to that query is: yes. Scores of nervous pensioners would soon discover that there was some important small print on HMRC’s QROPS list. It read: “The list is not to be taken as a recommendation for a particular scheme or product. Nor should it be taken that any scheme featured on the list is approved or backed by HMRC.” The recognition asserted by the ‘R’ in QROPS was simply confirmation that the scheme in question appeared to have taken the appropriate steps to make the list, not an endorsement.

There was a group of pensioners, however, who were not at all surprised- those with schemes managed by the Singapore corporation Panthera’s Recognised Overseas Self Invested International Pensions Retirement Trust (ROSIIP). In a prelude to the Guernsey poleaxing, the ROSIIP scheme was dropped by HMRC from the list in 2008. Their scheme deemed illegitimate, the investors got worse news in 2011 when Revenue declared that ROSIIP had never been a QROPS. The investors sued Revenue over the ruling and lost. In 2012 the crown issue letters to the ROSIIP trustees informing them of the 55% taxation penalties imposed upon the now-unsanctioned fund transfer. As more letters were sent and more trustees threw their hats into the ring it was revealed that HMRC had not to pursue investors in a nearly identical scheme, “Beazley”.

Though Revenue lawyers denied a similarity, a senior HMRC lawyer had unfortunately (for Revenue and Customs) gone on the record before the tribunal began acknowledging that the two were indeed quite similar. With this revelation HMRC not only gave up their pursuit of the ROSIIP trustees, they were excoriated by the judge and ordered to issue an apology and an accurate list. On the 5 July, 2013 they did so with the following statement: “As reported earlier, the HMRC stated that it had published the incorrect list mainly as a result of a manual error which came about during the careful examination and comparison of the registered Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS).”

So all of the list wrangling, inclusion and exclusion, uncertainty and confusion is probably a bad thing, right? you ask. Actually… no, not really. The fact is- although a place on the list still does not signify an endorsement by or the backing of HMRC, most of those QROPS will remain in good standing. While the ROSIIP ruling should come as something of a relief. It’s an indication, at least, that investors who entered into a good faith partnership with a QROP scheme is not without recourse should that scheme be delisted- and now there’s precedent for any future suit.

Of course, picking a quality scheme that will compliment your investment style and inclination from among that list isn’t necessarily some mean feat. There are thousands of schemes in dozens of jurisdictions all of which feature varying rates, client-loads, styles, reputations, commitment, talent, ethical standards, etc. If you’re considering a QROPS (and if you’re moving overseas with a pension, you should), do a lot of research and be sure to consult a QROPS professional.

Are You Paying for Your Aging Parents Long-Term Care Bills?

We’ve all been there, maybe not personally, but you’ll have a friend, an uncle, aunt or your neighbor talking about it—how medical expenses are high, and you thought Medicaid would cover them but they’re falling short and you’re being asked to pay the deficit as your parents don’t have the means to do so anymore. It’s a sad state of affairs, but more and more often, nursing homes across the country have been suing the closest kin to the patient, be it a son, a daughter or even a nephew or niece for unpaid nursing home expenses, and legally so, as 29 of America’s states have ancient Filial piety laws, long forgotten that are being activated by these nursing homes on a regular basis.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the nursing homes, what they provide is a valuable service and with ever increasing medical costs and the sheer amount of potential diseases and illnesses men and women could suffer from as they age is alarming as well. They’re just looking out for themselves, and in the process other people who enroll there, if they don’t receive their due they will have to shut down, and then where will the elderly go? 

Let’s be honest here, they’re our parents, will we think twice about money if their life potentially hangs in the balance? I thought not, but this is where the problem occurs. We’re so wrapped up in the love and emotions we’re feeling seeing our parents age and their health deteriorate, that we can’t help but do all we can to alleviate their suffering, which is exactly as it should be, but then doesn’t it just become a vicious cycle? We spend our ‘rainy day’ money on our parents medical care, and then when we grow old, our kids will have to do the same for us, and on and on it goes. Isn’t it time we broke the pattern?

Steps you can take to make sure that your parents get the best medical treatment without you having to break the bank, and even though your kids care about you, they won’t necessarily need to care for you
  • Medicaid. Let me start off by saying Medicaid is great, it’s provided help to tens of thousands of people who may have been in real dire straits without it, but what it isn’t is a magic wand that dispels all our medical bill woes. Medicaid is based on your finances and how much you hold in assets. So, it kicks in only when you, as an individual have exhausted a certain amount of your assets, and great if you’re living alone with no responsibilities, but what if you have a spouse or a kid who isn’t done studying yet? Their life will be that much more difficult, as one way or another, that money will have to be both spent for your current health, and your assets will still have to be preserved for the future, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too right? Something’s got to give. So understand the restrictions of the Medicaid program, and don’t put all your hopes in that one basket.
  • Financial assessment. If you’re in the situation where your parents are now in a home or are just aging and need to be looked after, make sure you assess your financial situation, and more importantly, also assess theirs. The conversation will be awkward, no doubt, I don’t think parents ever stop seeing their children as just that, children, no matter how old we get, and they may not be able to adjust to the role reversal of being the ones looked after. But it’s important to know where they stand in terms of finances so that you can be prepared when needed. 
  • NGOs, foundations and grants. If your parents are already elderly and under a long-term care situation, look around for NGOs in charitable foundations, they might help ease the financial burden in a situation like this. 
  • Insurance. Most companies provide a health insurance package for their employees, some of them also include dependents, your parents might qualify for this, or they may have an insurance policy from their work as well, find out. Also, invest in a good long-term care insurance policy for yourself, they may seem expensive now, but you can still afford it while you’re earning, and it’ll make sure you can still afford the bills for long term medical care long after you stopped as well. Another option is investing in a life insurance policy with a long term care clause inserted in it. This way you get thebest of both situations.Longterm care if required, is covered, and if not the proceeds go to your beneficiaries on death.
Medical emergencies and medical expenses can be extremely unnerving when they are suddenly thrust upon you. Don’t let yourself get into a situation where this becomes necessary. Instead arm yourself with precautionary measures so that your children don’t have to suffer the same fate as you. Insurance today has evolved, invest in some, and leave medical aid worries behind you. But approach this procedure with caution, an insurance policy is only as good as its terms, so make sure you’re getting what you paid for. There are a number of insurance quotation websites available that will help you assess what the right amount is to for investment in all kinds of insurance policies, long term care policies included, such as IntelliQuote, AccuQuote, SelectQuote and others of this type. Services such as those offered by the aforementioned websites will guide and assist you in finding the optimal insurance policy tailor-made to suit your needs. Utilize them.

What the Average Family Really Needs in a Financial Advisor

Financial advisor services MumbaiYou're not a business executive. You don't have a stock portfolio, you've never invested in a vacation home, and you're no stranger to living paycheck to paycheck. And yet for some reason, you've never considered financial advising was meant for a family like yours. If you're part of the 80 percent of Americans who don't have a financial advisor and part of the nearly 90 percent with little to no investment knowledge, it's not all your fault. Historically, financial advisors have mostly served millionaires. According to MSN Money, many of them have refused to even speak to clients with less than $100,000 to invest. But since the recession, everything has changed, and now it's more easily recognized that the average person needs financial help as much or more than the biggest Wall Street traders. But how do you know when a financial advisor is prepared to work for your best interests?

Fee-based Versus Commission-based

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors is a huge advocate of fee-only financial advising, where you know exactly how much money you are paying for an advisor's skills. When you understand upfront what the costs involved really are, it's much easier to find a financial advisor that you can afford and who specializes in working with regular people instead of financial moguls. Many financial advisors still make commission off of products and transactions, and it's almost always guaranteed that you should avoid these kinds of arrangements. Your advisor could push you to buy certain financial management software or even take out certain loans because they make money when you do, regardless of whether it's in your family's best interests.
Financial advisor services

The Right Services for You

It's important to know what kind of clients the advisor primarily serves and what exactly they can do for you. Some advisors work with a large percentage of recently divorced clients, or newlyweds, or people interested in charity work. If you don't have a large investment portfolio, you need an advisor who does more than just investments - they have to be interested in helping your family with their overall budget and expenses. But you can find advisors willing to help you with taxes, planning for retirement, planning your will, or getting back on track after a lay-off or foreclosure. You also have to decide whether you're okay with meeting once a year or you need quarterly meetings. Once-a-year advisors will often have trained staff who can assist you when they can't.

Do They Care?

Finance professionals may have a fantastic ability to crunch numbers, but if you don't get the impression you're working with someone who listens and cares about your family's circumstances, you shouldn't work with them. According to Ameriprise Financial, most advisors work with clients within a decade of their own age because they can more easily understand the money issues they face. Personalized services are more important than ever when you feel like you're at a disadvantage with your financial knowledge. You want an advisor who won't talk down to you and will never take advantage of you, and this alone can be even more important than their skill set. There are nearly 200,000 financial advisors licensed in the United States, so they should be able to offer a unique client experience.
Most families in America say they could use some help with their finances, especially in today's changing economic climate. If you choose the right help, there is almost no downside to receiving it. The right advisor can impact your future in ways you didn't expect when you picked up the phone.

Why are Kit Cars Expensive to Insure?

Kit cars for most are a fun past time, something to tinker with on your holidays and weekends, you may even be just starting to look at models and now is as good a time as any to start learning a few of the background pieces of information. Insurance is something you're going to need for your kit car be it for a show piece, a racing model or just something for you to drive around in on a Sunday afternoon. So lets take a look at some of the information about insuring your kit car and why they may be a little more expensive to insure.

Initial Checks

To begin with you will need to make sure that your kit car is road legal, in order for this to happen (your second bit of expense after the building of your car!) your kit car will need to pass an IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test which can cost around £199. These tests are like the MOT in that they can only be carried out at approved sites by inspectors from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, then its just three years till a normal MOT. Your car will also need taz discs in order to be road worthy.

Prices May Vary

Kit cars aren't your typical dealership show room type car. They have modifications, time, effort and parts are constantly spent on them and as such most will see an increase in their value over time rather than a decrease like a standard car would. This can mean that in order to gain the full coverage for your car should an accident or theft happen you may need to pay out a hefty sum each month. On the plus side this will help you out should your car ever be stolen, though we all know something that you've lavished time on like a kit car won;t be so easily replaced.

A Rarity

Due to the fact that kit cars tend to be one of a kind, insurance companies know that if something happens to them the costs of replacing the parts, kit or other modifications that have been made may be huge. Due to this the price of your insurance can go up, almost a comfort as it means you will be reimbursed for the amount your kit car was at the end, not at the beginning.

Activities Include...

If you show and race your car at track days you may see the price in your policy go up a considerable amount purely because of the activities you will be involved in. Every track activity holds some element of risk and though you may have a spotless no claims bonus the same cannot be said for everyone else attending the track day, though you will see your police price rise as a result it is always better to be safe than sorry.

So you can see some of the reasons why kit cars are expensive to insure, but totally worth it right?

Driving Without Insurance: What to do When You Get Pulled Over

Jelly's misadventure
Hitting the road without that valuable proof of insurance card in your glove compartment can be dangerous and costly, and yet it's incredibly common. According to USA Today, as many as one in every seven drivers doesn't have auto insurance. In Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, 25 percent or more of licensed drivers are uninsured. Since the recession, the temptation to press your luck and avoid high premium costs has been greater than ever. But very often, the worst happens. A police officer pulls you over, asks for your license, registration, and proof of insurance, and you can't produce the insurance card - or you're driving with an expired one. Should you panic? It all depends on the situation.

Do You Have Insurance, Just No Proof?

The best case scenario for being pulled over with no insurance card is that you just don't have a copy of it on you. Maybe you recently switched companies and have yet to receive your paperwork in the mail. If you tell this to the officer, he or she may stick to issuing you the ticket for the reason they pulled you over, like speeding or a broken tail light. But since many states are cracking down on uninsured drivers, you may still get the ticket for no proof of insurance with the option to have it dismissed. Depending on your state's laws, you can fax a copy of your insurance card or take it into court within a short amount of time - usually 5 days - to prove you were insured on the date you got pulled over. Don't claim that you're insured if you're not because it's an easy thing to check in most states. If the officer runs your license and it says you're in trouble with the DMV for a lapsed policy, you could get caught in a lie.

If You Have No Way to Prove Insurance

If there's no way you can explain this to the officer, you could find yourself in a much more dire situation. In some cases, people have successfully gone home and signed up for an insurance policy online the same day as their ticket - the wonders of modern technology. However, if you can't afford to do that or it's not feasible, you might consider if you can afford to talk to an attorney, because that's the alternative for most drivers. In Dallas, Texas, where they officially have the most uninsured vehicles in the country, it's legal for officers to tow your car if you aren't insured. Most states require you to appear in court and will issue a warrant for your arrest if you don't. The price tags on these tickets vary by state, but since virtually everywhere is cracking down on the rise of uninsured drivers, you could be looking at up to $500. The best you can hope for is a police officer or judge who takes into account your situation. Briefly driving without insurance because you didn't realize it expired is different than habitually driving without insurance intentionally to avoid purchasing it.
I can never get away from the cops.

Long-term Consequences

High ticket prices aren't the only reason many drivers consult an attorney over a charge of driving without insurance. Most states will suspend your license, registration, or both, especially when the judge deduces you haven't been driving insured in a while. This violation will also leave you virtually uninsurable in the future, and once you get your license back you'll be required to enroll under the government's high-risk pool, where you'll pay sometimes 3 times the national average. All of this might seem terrible, but it's still better to be caught during a traffic stop than because you caused an accident. With no insurance company to pay the damages, you could be suffering all these penalties on top of having your wages garnished for years on end to pay for medical and mechanical bills for the other driver.

In many states, it's now common to pass through insurance checkpoints where police can instantly ticket drivers who can't produce an insurance card. It's getting tougher to drive without insurance, but when you consider the huge financial and legal risks you are taking, it's understandable why the police are serious about the problem. Remember, being on the road without a current policy is illegal no matter what the reason.

Attorney's Professional Help With Back Payroll Taxes Can Curb Excess Tax Payment

If you’re stuck in the stress of accumulating back tax debt, you certainly do not have to move through the ordeal of facing it alone. Back tax debts can sneak up upon you. The whole idea of tax buildup starts when you miss one tax payment deadline. These resulting fines then add to your bill. So, if you’re unable to pay the debt all at once, late fees amount keep adding up as is evident with the ever rising interest on your overall balance. Eventually, you might feel as if you will never be able to dig yourself out of the hole. Whether you find tax debt piling up or you may be already struggling with back taxes, hiring a knowledgeable tax attorney can help with back payroll taxes.

Financial professionals

These are the financial professionals that act you’re your advocate with the IRS, aiding you to arrange a repayment that simply meets your requirements. If you require professional tax assistance, these experts help you explore your back tax payment options. The IRS imposes various penalties related to your back taxes. You can be fined for filling tax return after the deadline or even fail to pay the entire tax balance by that date. In addition, you’ll be charged with a certain percent of interest on the unpaid amount. Help with back payroll taxes that you avail will be able to negotiate penalty abatement if you prove having reasonable excuse for paying the amount late. For instance, if there is a disaster at home or even death in the family, or conditions when you were out of work for a prolonged time, abating penalty in many cases involves the IRS lifting any interest or additional late payment penalties.

If you presently owe more in back taxes than you can reasonably expect paying back in some number of years. In such cases, help with back payroll taxes is beneficial to negotiate offer of compromise with the IRS. The provision allows you to propose an amount lesser than what you owe currently. The amount that stands now is the one that you’re actually able to pay. It is then the sole discretion of the IRS to decide whether to compromise with you. The fact is that the IRS finds it better to receive a smaller amount of what you owe, than receiving none at all, in such cases. Since the tax resolution method involves reduction in debt amount, the IRS does not essentially give away offers in compromise quite easily. It is only applied when your attorney no long needs to present a strong case to ensure why you deserve such a consideration.


At times, paying off debts is just spreading payments out over a period of time. It is here that the installment agreements come into being. So, even if you do not qualify for an abatement offer, the attorney’s help with back payroll taxes can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to negotiate wage garnishment. These experts provide complete tax preparation services for the individuals or even businesses that ensure your taxes are filed accurately. Simply do not take the chance of messing up your tax filling or even the company’s financial future if not so adept with the requisites and factors that come into being.

Some Tips For Finding The Best Car Accident Attorneys

You are driving down the road and a car hits your from behind. Your airbag deploys and your car is totaled. You get out of the car and blood is on your hands. You have just been in a very bad car accident. Before you talk to the person that hit you, or even the police, you should contact a car accident attorney.  How do you know who to call?

In the hours after a car accident, making the right decisions can save you a lot of time and money. A car accident attorney is familiar with what is involved during these types of events. They can help you not worry about dealing with insurance companies and sometimes can even keep you out of court.
Here are some tips to help find the legal representation you will need.

Ask your friends

Knowing where to start is the hardest part of finding a car accident attorney. Especially after being in an accident, searching for a lawyer is not something people like to do. An easy way to find a good attorney is to ask your friends. If they have ever been in an accident, there’s a very good chance that they know of one.   Asking your friends not only saves you the trouble of having to look, it will also provide you with reputable leads.

Search a legal referral site

If you aren’t able to get any leads from your friends, or if you simply want more names, try searching a website that specializes in attorneys. Specialty websites, such as, list and rank lawyers based on experience and feedback from clients.  It may not be as strong as a recommendation from friends, but it will help you gauge your available options.

Contact Legal Aid

While Legal Aid cannot give you referrals, they can direct you to attorneys who are willing to take a case pro bono, or commonly known as - free. There are not a lot of attorneys that work pro-bono, but when there are, this organization knows generally about it.  If cost is a concern, and you are in need of an attorney, this service may be exactly what you are looking for.

Shop around

Once you have a few leads on car accident attorneys, it is important to shop around.  A good lawyer is one that not only wins cases, but one that also understands your situation. They are going to be representing you, so it is important that they see you as an individual and not just another case. Taking the time to get to know your attorney will help ensure that you get one that is right for you.

Some lawyers will even claim that they won't get paid unless they win. These are the perfect lawyers for any case. In these scenarios, there is no money that needs to be forked over up front, and if you lose the case, you don't owe your lawyer any legal fees. Be careful when investigating the potentail car accident lawyers in your city and don't rush into a contract with a lawyer. Take your time and find the best attorney for your case.

Secret NSA Authority Shuts Down Lavabit

Thursday, August 8th was just another snapshot of the scary power that the NSA wields without restraint. The NSA has shut down Lavabit for reasons that the owner himself, Ladar Levison, cannot even discuss. In a posting Levison made on the Lavabit website he stated that the company is shutting down rather than become “complicit in crimes against the American people.” These are strong words from Levison, and they are ominous ones as well. America is now under the jurisdiction of a secret court with top secret confidential status.

How we came to this legal quagmire is irrelevant at this point, the question now is how to end it. Legitimate organizations are being forced into playing the NSA’s game unless they risk the retribution of the Federal Government. Obviously this move was part of a larger effort to learn anything they can about Edward Snowden. The fact that the NSA didn’t know so much about him is rather ironic given the unique and creepy tools they possessed.

Possible Reasons?

Obviously the NSA is in search of any digital relics that could have belonged to Snowden. This includes user accounts, emails, stored files, or even contacts. According to private detectives searching for Snowden leaks, someone under the name Ed Snowden had created three addresses with that specific Dallas Company. Did Snowden have any person connection with Lavabit? Who knows really, but the question stands due to the actions of Lavabit's owner Ladar Levison. Most companies would rather exist than stand up in defense of one man that the most powerful country on earth wants in a cell. Yet Levison exchanged his entire company for Edward Snowden’s privacy. While this effort is comforting to see in an internet company that values your privacy it’s also confusing. Until the American people can get more concrete answers and transparency it’s clear that no one is going to know what’s really going on to this company. Attempting to get FISA documents revealed are incredibly difficult if not downright impossible. Atop of that the Government seems entirely complicit in the NSA’s actions which is downright despicable. This is truly the result of a post 9/11 world in which fear allowed us to trade in our greatest rights for the delusion of more protection. In reality we have ended up with a true big brother that makes China and Russia look like the land of the free and the brave.

Secret Court Madness

The existence of a secret court in American history is terrifying and stands against the reputation this country has built for itself. Yet more and more each day we are seeing the paint vanish from the facade of a once free and great country that had respect for its people. With each passing year the facade decays more and more leaving us with a land of no privacy and complete judgment. Is this really the dialogue we wish to speak to the future generation of children? Do we really want to risk this privacy invasion for security and can we afford to maintain this system? Can we afford to continually upgrade our spying equipment at every turn, spending untold billions each year? The reality is that we cannot sustain either one of these proposals. America was not meant to have an invasive domestic spying network run by the government nor can it continue to bleed money each year while throwing seemingly unlimited resources into defense. At some point we are going to have to wake up and decide what future we really want.

How To Find A Good Defense Attorney

If you're facing a criminal charge, you are certainly going to need help getting a strong defense. A good defense lawyer knows how to navigate the legal process and provide the best representation in court. You'll want to hire a defense lawyer with expertise and experience in your type of case. Here are steps to finding a good criminal defense lawyer that can help you.

Various Ways To Find A Lawyer

Many people look in their local phone book with hopes of finding a good attorney. This is not the only method of finding a lawyer, but many individuals use that approach. When using this method, be sure to visit the attorney's website so you can learn more about the attorney and services provided.
Ask for recommendations from the people you know. Let your family and friends know that you are looking for a good criminal defense lawyer. If someone had a pleasant experience with a particular lawyer, they are always willing to recommend that person.

The Internet is also a great resource when it comes to looking for a good lawyer. You can search for criminal defense lawyers in your city and surrounding areas. This will provide you with a lot of names and contact information. You can also visit review websites to find out which lawyers in your city are getting excellent reviews. This approach can lead you to reliable lawyers that handle your type of case.

Reputation Matters

There are many lawyers in every big city, which makes it easy for you to find someone to handle your legal case, but it is important to hire a competent lawyer so that you can get good representation. Hence, you need to hire a lawyer that has a good reputation in the legal community and among clients.

Experience Is Essential

You want a lawyer with experience in your type of case. It is not a good idea to hire a lawyer with no trial experience. It is important to get a lawyer who can get you the outcome you want. If you want the charges drooped, you should choose a criminal defense attorney with a good record of courtroom trial victories. Also, there are lawyers who are experts at plea bargains.

Good Communication Skills

You need to find a lawyer who has good communication skills. It is important for you to know what is going on at all stages of the proceeding. Although you are facing a criminal charge, remember that you are a client and deserve good representation. Criminal defense lawyers often argue cases in court, so the ability to speak clearly and convincingly is absolutely necessary.

Get Consultation

You do not want to delay in getting a lawyer, but you also don't want to make the wrong decision. Legal consultations are usually free of charge, so you should interview several defense lawyers before selecting one. Make sure you choose a lawyer who makes you feel confident about his skills.


Talk with several criminal defense lawyers to compare services and prices. You don't have to select the first lawyer you consult. Be sure you are comfortable with the lawyer you choose. Make sure the lawyer explains the elements of your case and how he would approach it.

Today's post was contributed by Milos B., blogger for Rue & Ziffra, PA. Milos is an avid writer who lives in Orlando, Florida. He enjoys spending most of his free time with his family.

J.D. Shouldn't Mean Just Despair: 5 Ways To Minimize The Stress Of Your Legal Career

Law school: It’s stressful to get in it, it’s stressful to be in it, and its stressful even after you’re not in it anymore. Why? Well, there’s an endless amount of paper to read, write, and present. Preparing for exams or cases is a time-consuming, stressful task, too. There’s so much to think about and so much to do everyday, and there are far and few breaks in between. On top of that, lawyers make a living out of arguing and battling. There’s bound to be constant stress associated with their work and lifestyles.
So, what does a J.D. really stand for? Juris doctor? No, it stands for “just despair,” because having a law degree is a miserable, terrible thing. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways to minimize the stress of your legal career.

Preparing for the life of a lawyer can be daunting.

  1. Don’t overstudy -- The LSAT, its the biggest brick wall you might ever encounter in your life, and its standing right between you and the law school of your dreams. You might be like a friend of mine an enroll in night prep classes, then take the LSAT. Then repeat that process all over again three times just to end up in a low-ranking school. Don’t. Instead, take LSAT classes with care. In fact, self-study might be a better idea for you, especially since you’re the one taking the exam, so figuring it out on your own will improve your chances for success.

  2. Be realistic -- Its great to have a dream law school, but that doesn’t mean you have to go there. Be realistic. Could you really keep up with the environment and pace at HSY (Harvard, Stanford, Yale)?. We all have environments that work for us, so be realistic. Although rankings matter, go to the school where you will be your number one-- the best you can be. So, if a smaller, less-known school might be better for you, don’t hesitate to go.

Being in law school can be a pain.

  1. Take notes -- Most of your grades and thus academic success and achievement will be determined by one final cumulative exam. Think about that for a second. Your grade depends on an entire book full of way too many pages (some of which you might not have read) and an entire semester full of way too many lectures (some of which you might have missed). So, do yourself a favor and take good notes. Don’t cram, and don’t stress yourself out.

Practicing law for the rest of your life can seem like a slow death

  1. Go small -- Just like going to a smaller law school can help you avoid the stress of nasty, cutthroat competitors that are your classmates, going to a smaller law firm can help you avoid the nasty, cutthroat competitors that would have been your colleagues. Working in a small firm will really let you build a home at the place you work and with the people you work with. This is a great way to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, not stress.

  2. Travel -- However, if you just want to work at a larger firm and don’t know how to deal with all the stress, travel. Being a lawyer comes with perks like trips. Work when you need to, but take the time to see the city. You can even relax and watch a movie on the plane or catch up on sleep. This can do wonders to minimize the stress of your legal career, perhaps, as you watch or dream about what your life would be like if you had a different one.
Paul Colley is a personal injury lawyer at Colley & Colley, LLP. When he's not practicing law, Mr. Colley enjoys counseling young lawyers on improving their quality of life.

Entering The World Of Investments With A Hedge Fund

Many people try to invest in order to gain financial security for the future. There are many strategies in the market. A hedge fund is a popular way to invest. The goal of a hedge fund is to lower volatility and risk while preserving capital. It returns the best numbers through various market conditions. Here is a closer look at a hedge fund.

What Are Characteristics Of a Hedge Fund?

A hedge fund will usually have certain characteristics. It will be flexible with options of investment in order to lower risks and elevate returns. It will normally have the ability to bring non-market returns. This type of investment is usually managed by a professional with great experience and diligence. A hedge fund is common for a pension fund, private bank, insurance company, or endowments.

Popular Hedge Fund Strategies

A hedge fund may sell short. This means that it will sell shares without ownership with hopes to buy them back at a later time at a lower price. Another strategy may include investing when there is an anticipated event like a merger, hostile takeover, or spin-off. Sometimes, a hedge fund will invest in discounted securities. This includes businesses who are starting or getting out of financial distress. It is a time to acquire an investment well below liquidation value.

Benefits Of A Hedge Fund

A hedge fund may bring numerous benefits to an investor. For example, a great amount of hedge funds will be able to get high returns in all bond markets. Also, having a hedge fund in a portfolio will lower overall investment risks, which will heighten returns. Since there are a wide variety of investment styles with a hedge fund, an investor will have different strategies to use in order to reach an investment goal. A hedge fund also is perfect as a long term investment option. There is no need to time the best entry or exit from the market. Finally, the hedge fund gives an investor great diversification with a portfolio.

Who Should Invest In A Hedge Fund?

Despite the low risk, a hedge fund is not an ideal choice for everyone. Some hedge funds require an investor to be qualified. Initial investments will require high amounts of money, so an investor will need to be well off. It is often difficult for a new investor to buy into this type of investment. Opportunities may be limited.

How A Hedge Fund Impacts The country's Economy

A hedge fund can have a tremendous impact on the economy. For instance, one fund can heighten the cost of oil. Another impact is that a hedge fund can lead to a run-up of the stock market. This can make a novice investor to buy mutual funds or stocks.

There are many types of investments that people choose in order to gain financial success. A hedge fund is just one example of a way that an investor can gain long term monetary wealth. A hedge fund usually has lower risks involved than other types of investments. However, it is often limited to investors with sound wealth. A hedge fund has various strategy possibilities an brings numerous benefits to investors. In the end, it is worth consideration when a person is trying to plan long term financial stability.

Curt Hyland is a freelance writer, offering a unique and needed explanation of investment strategies. He also recommends Vision Capital, a Canadian investment company, to learn more about investing.

5 Uses Of QR Codes Your Law Office Needs To Try

QR (Quick Response) codes are basically 2-dimensional bar codes that can be decoded by smartphone apps to open whatever link you choose to encode. They’re those fuzzy looking one-inch square shaped symbols that are basically taking over flyers, business cards, and even billboards. Within just a few years, QR codes have gone from being relatively unknown in the United States, to becoming one of the most powerful bridges between the real world and the online one.

QR codes are a form of powerful new communication technology that can basically take any audience directly and easily to any online destination. QR codes are easy to generate with any number of free online tools and can be printed on to pretty much anything. As a matter of fact, a QR code’s potential is only limited by the creativity of those who create it. Just have a look at these fives innovative ways your law office can use QR codes in different aspects of offline business to drive online connections:

(1) QR Codes for your business cards.

Business cards are one of the most obvious opportunities for meaningful QR coding! For example, linking potential clients and business partners to a video introduction on your website is an easy but powerful way to start building a strong trust-based relationship while drawing traffic to your website. Using QR codes to link to your social media profiles is an infinitely better alternative to printing a URL and praying somebody will have the patience to type it out. QR codes on your business cards can also be valuable by offering instant convenience: they can link to your electronic business card to make it easier for clients to save your contact information or they can link to directions to your office.

(2) QR codes for your advertisements and promotional campaigns.

If you just remember a few basic, common sense guidelines, you’ll already place your firm way ahead of other firms that are trying to use QR codes for marketing: make sure the code is sized and placed appropriately – there’s no point in placing QR codes where people can’t scan them, make sure to test your QR code before rolling it out, and make sure the online content the QR code links to looks good on smartphone-sized screens and actually offers valuable content. Too many businesses link to redundant or irrelevant content when they should be offering exclusive multimedia, time-sensitive offers and invitations, free downloads or something else that makes it worth scanning that flyer or postcard. By offer enticing QR codes, you can roll out a marketing effort that’s both cost effective and easy to track with all kinds of analytics and metrics.

(3) QR codes for your recruiting.

One of the most innovative places to use QR codes is in your recruiting efforts – especially when it comes to attracting the relatively younger paralegals and interns who grew up with mobile technology. You can use QR codes in newspaper or magazine ads to provide additional information that cannot fit in most classifieds classifieds listings. You can give out business cards with QR codes specially targeting potential recruits rather than clients. Using QR codes at a career fair or college event will give interested prospects a way to instantly access useful information from your firm without having to wait in line. On top of adding efficiency and convenience to your recruiting efforts, QR codes help your firm stand out as a more innovative and technology-friendly business.

(4) QR codes for your office inventory!

Another innovative way of tapping into the powerful potential of QR codes is for internal business purposes. It takes no stretch of the imagination to see how QR codes present the perfect opportunity for tracking and classifying all kinds of things at your office. Plenty of creative, QR code based services are cropping up to offer unique solutions for everything from document filing to office inventory management. For example, one of the newest office inventory management systems, EZOfficeInventory, deploys QR codes for an innovative asset checkout and checkin mechanism that helps reduce the workload placed on administrators by distributing asset management across the entire staff.

(5) QR codes in your reception rooms.

That’s right – QR codes can help make your workplace more client-friendly. This is another one of those areas of opportunity that’s limited only by your own creativity. You can use QR codes for all sorts of functions: clients can check-in using a QR code based system and then be redirected to promotional content, clients can log in to your free-wifi by scanning a designated QR code, or they can be used to solicit positive reviews on any number of places like Facebook, Google Places, and Yelp.

Paul Colley is a personal injury attorney in Austin, Texas. Always interested in the newest technology, Mr. Colley enjoys using QR codes in his law practice.