Emergency Financial Help In New York

Financial emergencies can happen to anybody at any time.  Any amount of planning cannot assure you of not being caught in such situations.  Sometimes you may be caught without small amounts of cash to stretch up to the next paycheck.  These kinds of situations can be stressful and you may not know where to go to get the little cash to pull on for the next few days.  Asking a friend for help is embarrassing and so is a approaching a bank for a loan. Cash Advance loans are the best in such situations; they are easily approved and available for amounts as less as $50. 

New York Cash Advance - An Overview

New York is one state where Cash Advance loans are illegal.  The federal government does not approve of such loans due to the short term and high interest rates associated with such loans.  But the residents of the state can also be caught in an emergency without cash and to facilitate these people, online cash advance loans are available from many reputed lenders who operate from outside the state.  A resident of the state of New York with a valid bank account and proof of income and identity can apply for these loans online through the websites of the lenders.  Cash is approved and credited to the bank account after the necessary risk assessments.  Since these lenders operate from outside the state, you the borrower must keep the following facts in mind while availing such loans.
  • Check that all transactions are through safe and secure Internet connections to avoid data leakage and malpractices by hackers.
  • The website of the lender must give clear cut information about the charges and interest rates for such loans, since there can be no legal recourse at a later date for malpractices.
New York Cash Advance loans come in handy in times of emergencies and they must be repaid as early as possible to avoid huge interests.  They must be used for specific purposes, applying for a higher loan amount to enjoy the extra liquidity is stupidity. When compared to bank overdrafts and loans, these come by quickly and easily without much of verification procedures or collaterals required.  There is also no restriction on the nature of expenditure of the loan amount; it can be used to meet any kind of emergency.  Prudent use of these loans is the best way to benefit from it.

Fast Cash Loans

It is not uncommon for people to be caught without credit in their bank accounts, but have immediate expenditures to meet.  The quickest way to get cash to meet this immediate expenditure is through fast cash loans.  To apply for such loans you can approach the number of financing organizations that have basic criteria to approve you of the loan.  You need to validate your age and citizenship with relevant documents like a social security number, a bank account for crediting the approved loan amount and also for recovery of loan amount at the end of the term and income proof to substantiate your ability to repay the loan.

Tips To Select The Lender

There are a number of lenders willing to give you the ready cash.  It is a highly competitive business and they are more that ready to attract customers with attractive marketing techniques.  As a borrower, take time out to study the feedback available about the various lenders online before short-listing one.  Choose a lender based upon their repayment terms, collateral requirement and above all interest rates.  Check if they have any penalty clauses for pre-payment of loans or other catch clauses. 

Apply and Get Cash

Once you have shortlisted the lender, all you need to do is to apply for the loan and all this can done online.  Upon submission of the necessary documents and forms, the lender can make cash available in your account, as quickly as an hour’s time. There is no limitation in the nature of expenditure of this cash.  You can use it for home repairs, medical expenditure, shopping or travel and even used to meet an immediate investment opportunity for which you do not have liquid cash.   The lenders do not check the credit score of the borrower.  You may have other outstanding loans but if you are regularly repaying towards the loan amount, it will only reflect well on your credit score. 

These fast cash loans are to be used in case of emergency, and you must ensure to repay it by the next payday.  This is the best way to benefit from these loans.  Defaulting such loans can attract huge interests and also legal problems that would incur more expenditure than the current financial situation you are in. 

These loans are easier to obtain than other loans available from banks like overdraft facilities, short term loans etc as they take a lot of time to approve and hence not suitable to meet emergency expenditure.

Things to Know About Insurance Companies Before You Make Your Final Decision

If you have never purchased insurance before or if you are buying new insurance for the first time in a while, then there are a few things you should know. While some of these things may seem obvious to you, we have had many people come to us with questions recently and we want to make sure that you and your family are keeping yourselves safe while also saving your hard-earned money. A lot of these things insurance companies wouldn't like you to know and we think that knowing them is going to help you in making the best decisions.

Random Cancellations

This is something that pertains to health insurance. Let's say you become injured or ill and then you suddenly are left with the bill even though you should have technically been covered. How could this happen and why does it happen? Well, whenever a claim is made, your insurance company is going to go back and view several years' worth of medical records. If there is anything that shows up inconsistent, they have the right to completely cancel your insurance; leaving you with the bill.
This is why it's extremely important that you are consistent whenever you fill out applications. Even the smallest error can hurt you in the long run and getting a lawyer isn't exactly cheap. If you don't know how to answer, ask or leave it blank or say "I don't know".

Claims that Go Unnecessarily Denied

If you find yourself in a situation where your claim has been denied, you should look at the paperwork you signed. Find a location that supports your claim being signed. Many companies will actually pay for your attorney or lawyer fees to take them to court. This, however, is not something they are going to advertise so check the fine print before you pay for your own legal fees because they can add up quickly and we know how hard you work for your money.

Talked into the Wrong Coverage

If you find that you have been talking into a type of coverage that does not actually cover the things you were looking for; your insurance company is going to be forced to pay for those things. However, you need a way to prove this so make sure everything is in writing. Fighting a company is tough and the more evidence you can find the better.

Higher Prices Does Not Mean Better Coverage or Service

Many people seem to think that the more they are asked to spend each month on insurance, the better the coverage is going to be. This is not the case. When you shop around, not only should you be looking at prices but also at exactly what is covered. Sometimes the reason you are spending more is simply because a business is more popular. So, do your research and ask for recommendations because there may just be a better company out there than the one you are currently using or planning on using.

Comparing Car Insurance Prices Pays Off

Many of us make a habit of comparing food and clothing prices; after all, every cent counts. But we’re less diligent when it comes to comparing things like car insurance premiums and bank rates. Yet, we’re easily swayed by price when it comes to choosing car insurance. Mostly we’re swayed by the ads that announce massive savings and the cheapest insurance in town, but we don’t usually check the veracity of the claims.

LifeInc. cites a survey by InsuranceQuotes.com, which has found that a mere 21% of people compare insurance quotes before settling on a particular policy. It seems that shopping around pays off, however, as 43% of those who compared prices changed insurance companies.

The numbers don’t lie

LifeInc. also cites a 2011 study by Deloitte Research which found that 24% of people never compare insurance policies when renewal time rolls around and 34% rarely bother with the comparison process. Apparently, most people are satisfied with their insurance companies. Of course, a quick search could make them happier.

A number of insurance comparison companies have sprung up that do the shopping around for consumers who can’t be bothered to do all the leg work (or finger clicking) themselves. They’re fantastically convenient but they’re limited in that they can’t take everything about your unique situation into account. If you really, really want to get the best deals you can use the comparison sites as a starting point and then drill down into the finer details to see if you can’t get an even better price.

Putting it in perspective

There’s a great article on Fox Business that compares the cost of car insurance over a lifetime to other ‘essential’ expenses, like Starbucks coffee. The average cost of car insurance over 62 years is $94,000.
  • One Starbucks $4 latte every day for 60 years will set you back $88,000.
  • Upgrading your iPhone every six years for 54 years will cost you $72,000. But let’s be honest, who waits six years to upgrade an iPhone. Tack on another 20K at least if you’re the kind of fanboy who can’t resist a new phone every year or two.
  • The real killer (in more ways than one) is smoking. One pack of cigarettes a day for 60 years will set you back $115,000 (without factoring in inflation or medical bills for throat and lung cancer).
If you shop around for better car insurance prices, you won’t have to feel guilty about your daily coffee indulgence or lament the new iPhones that you have to buy yourself, your son, your daughter and your partner every year for the next billion years.

The Known Pitfalls of Credit You Should Be Aware Of

Credit cards have always been titled as a wonderful invention; this instrument for transaction has actually been a boon for most of us, but only if we know how to use it right. There are pitfalls of credit, especially when you go on spending and you don’t have to pay cash up front. No actual cash is to be paid for any of the transactions you do. But if you abuse this power, there are pitfalls that could land you into serious trouble.

Know more about the pitfalls

1. Get it out of your head that free money means owning a credit card, for that’s not true. You should know very well that for every purchase and swipe of that card, you would have a mounting interest to pay. Until you don’t pay the outstanding amount in full, you would have interest being charged on the outstanding balance.

2. Secondly, the compounding effect is where the interest is added to your total outstanding balance every month. For example, say if you have $1000, and the rate of interest is two percent per month. If we do the math right, then the balance for the upcoming month amounts to $1020, right? By the end of the year, your total would be $1268.24; this means for $10,000, your total interest to be paid would be $2700. It’s about time to start counting your money soon.

3. Have you ever thought of the annual fees charged on your credit? There are some cards that waive it off for their customers or do not charge it at all. Some charge their customers an annual fee from the second year only and some never charge a single penny even. You could be charged $150 or more depending on the number of cards you own, and that’s why it’s imperative to not ignore these calculations and ask the credit company to waive the pitfall or peril.

4. Late payments attract fines and fees and this is the fourth peril or pitfall of credit. Hence it would be wise to say paying on time isn’t an option, even if you are paying the minimum amount due, go ahead, but do pay!! Late payments mean more money and bad credit scores to deal with along with unwanted hassles.

5. Over limit fees are a bummer, especially for those who spend a lot. Such people fall into the grips of this pitfall, because they aren’t wise enough to save themselves from overspending,

6. Finally, the last pitfall with credit comes with debts. The rate of interest is high on some cards, and along with balance outstanding, it would mean you are facing a mountain of debt, too high to cross, especially when you left it all unchecked for so long. Because you left it unchecked for so long, you now have a huge amount to repay, which some people would do only by refinancing or mortgaging their own home.

So now that you know about the pitfalls of credit, please ensure that you pay on time and payoff the whole debt properly. Be responsible for your spending habits and don’t use ignorance as a way out. This wouldn’t help you at all, especially when the mountain of debt is too high to climb.

What is a Consolidation Loan?

Consolidation loans are offered by banks and independent lending institutions and are often taken out in an effort to gain control over finances.

Put simply, debt consolidation involves turning multiple loans into one large loan – i.e. taking out one large loan to pay off all existing debt (clothing accounts, credit cards and car loans for example) and making one monthly repayment instead of many.

Consolidation loans have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and as with most things, knowledge is the key. Here’s what you need to know:

Firstly, let’s cover the difference between a secured and an unsecured loan.

A secured loan is taken out against an asset, usually property. For this reason, prospective lenders will qualify for a larger loan and a lower interest rate. This is because the loan is secured against the asset and should the lender default on his/her payments the bank can sell the asset to recover the money that’s owed.

An unsecured loan doesn’t involve any collateral and is generally approved for smaller amounts and comes with higher interest rates. However, in the event that lenders fail to make payments, the upside is that they don’t stand to lose their home.

The reason this is being covered is because one of the most common ways to consolidate debt is by drawing money from an access bond. Home loans generally have lower interest rates than other types of loans, depending on repayment period (10, 20, 30 years) and credit history.Money is drawn from bond and used to pay off existing smaller debts. This allows you to make one monthly payment at a lower interest rate instead of paying back multiple lenders at different interest rates. Keep in mind that more money will now be owed on the bond.

The danger with this is that individuals taking out a loan of this type sometimes fall into the trap of making the minimum payment every month and end up paying back a lot more money in the long run and you need to be wary of this. Another danger is that in the event that the debtor defaults on payments, the bank is in the position to sell their property.

Another option is comes in the form of credit card balance transfers. This involves transferring multiple credit card balances to one card. There is usually a balance transfer period, where little or no interest is payable. This allows you to take advantage of this and recognize savings during this period. However, once the interest free period expires, the normal (high) credit card interest rate resumes.

Standard personal loans are another method of debt consolidation. Amounts and interest rates will vary between the different banks and lending institutions. Personal loans will normally be unsecured (and therefore have higher interest rates) and you should take the time to shop around and find the best deal.
The most important thing to remember when it comes to any loan is to try and pay it off as fast as possible.

What Your Divorce Lawyer Needs to Know So They Can Help You

When it comes to hiring a divorce lawyer, sometimes it can be difficult and intimidating to talk to a stranger about all of your behind the scenes family issues. You might want to tell them as little as possible because you are uncomfortable airing all of your dirty laundry.

However, in the world of family law, people can sometimes use your secrets against you and every hidden mistake from the past can be used by the other side to make a case against you. This might be the strategy of your ex-partner for claiming custody of children, support payments or assets.

As uncomfortable as you might be sharing your family secrets, your divorce lawyer needs to know them. It is better that they hear the skeletons in your closet now rather than have them surprise you when the witness brings them up on the stand during a cross examination.

Don’t try to hide things from your lawyer, because the more they know the more they can help you. Sharing your past with your lawyer means that they can be prepared for it in the event that this information is revealed.

These are a few of the things that your lawyer needs to know before you begin proceedings, so that they can do their best to help you.

The Reasons for Your Divorce

Your lawyer needs to know the full story of why you are getting divorced. If your spouse was abusive to you or the children, this absolutely needs to come out in court. It is not enough just to say that you don’t think your ex is a good parent, you need to share with your attorney some solid evidence and valid factors which they can use in court to determine issues such as custody and visitation rights.
You also need to be clear whether you are actually seeking a divorce or if you are secretly hoping for reconciliation. Let your lawyer know your goals so that they can work with you and not against you.

The Financial Situation

Many people don’t like talking about their finances to others, but your divorce lawyer needs to know. You must disclose all of your assets to your divorce lawyer so that they can help you divide them with your partner. Don’t try to hide any assets, because if you are discovered you could be held in contempt of court. If either spouse took out credit in the other’s name, or has evidence of a gambling addiction, this is also important information that a lawyer needs to know.

Friends in Common

When a relationship breaks up there are always a few friends who are stuck in the middle. They were your friends when you were a couple and unless they have remained completely impartial, they are likely to choose a side. Do you have any friends in common with your ex, who might be likely to choose their side and testify against you as a form of loyalty to them?

Criminal Record

Your lawyer needs to know if you have a criminal record or you have been involved in any criminal behaviour. This is important, as your spouse may try to use this against you in court. You should also tell your lawyer if you know that your spouse has had any recent arrests, criminal charges or warrants.


You should let your divorce lawyer know if you have ever been treated for an addiction or mental illness. If you have been placed in a treatment centre, this information should come out. This is important information for your lawyer to know, as you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard if it unexpectedly came up in a court room case.


Your lawyer needs to know the full story when it comes to your children. If you have had any past situations which have involved child protective services this is important information that needs to come out. Also, if you have any other children from previous relationships who don’t live with you, this is also something that your lawyer should know. What is your relationship with them and are you supporting them financially?

The bottom line is, no matter what it is, you should never leave out any information that could be important for your divorce lawyer to know while they are representing you. You need to tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It might be difficult to bare all of your secrets, even the ones you are not proud of, but it will be even more difficult if your lawyer hears of them for the first time in the middle of a court battle.

Your divorce lawyer knows you are not perfect but they need to understand who you are so that they can help you.

When you hire a divorce lawyer London, these are some of the important pieces of information that they need to know before representing you in court. 

How To Save Money And Live Life On A Budget

Sadly we don’t all have the budget we need to live the lifestyle that we like. In fact for many of us when we have paid out all of our bills, we don’t have much money left to do anything at all. However this is often because we spend money we where don’t need to and on items that we should be! If we just start being a little more savvy with our shopping, we can save a packet and use the money we save to really treat ourselves!

Shop With Coupons

By using vouchers when we shop we can really save ourselves a pretty penny. The great news is that there are all sorts of vouchers available, so whatever you are buying you can often find something to suit. Whether you are keeping an eye on magazines for vouchers or you are trawling the internet for discount codes it is an easy way to save money.

In fact when it comes to vouchers you can even get them for things like days out and events so if you are looking for a way to treat the kids, then you can do that on a budget too!

Don’t Show Off

When it comes to Christmas and birthdays it can be tempting to try and buy something that we really cannot afford. We love to see someone’s eyes light up as they open the gift we have bought, but we should not over spend. Friends and family are going to understand if you cannot afford to splash out on presents. Instead sit down and think about what you can really afford to spend and make sure when you shop you stick to this amount. There is little point making yourself broke just to buy someone else a present.

Fashion On A Budget

Looking great is often top of the agenda for many people and it is something that we struggle with on a budget. What we need to do is look at ways to dress on a budget. Having a big wardrobe clearout is essential. Have a look at what items you have that you haven’t worn for a while. Can you add sequins, broaches, badges or anything else to give these a new lease of life? I bet you can! There are loads of blogs online to give you inspiration and help with this!

Seasonal Bargains

Whatever season is coming up, those items will go up in price. If you can get into the habit of buying Christmas decorations and cards in January and Halloween costumes in November you can easily save money to be able to splash out and treat yourself to something special!

Recognizing You May be Headed for Bankruptcy

Signs of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a frightening possibility. People who feel that they have no choice but to claim bankruptcy often wonder how they got themselves into such a situation. Sometimes it is through no fault of their own, such as when illness occurs or due to a death in the family or divorce. However, many times the signs of bankruptcy are on the horizon for quite some time before it actually happens. Being able to recognize these signs can save you from having to go through the arduous process of declaring bankruptcy.

Financial Difficulties That Exist From Month to Month

If you are experiencing financial difficulties every month, it is important to find out why and then decide what you are going to do about it. Having occasional financial problems due to an unplanned expense is one thing, and it is something that everyone experiences at one time or another. However, if you are having the same problems month after month, you need to put your finances down on paper and see where the problem is. Once this is done, you can adjust your spending habits to fit your budget.

Your Credit Rating Is Getting Lower

It is important to know what your credit rating is. If you are having problems making your payments, that will be reflected on your credit score. Looking at your score on a regular basis can help you stay on top of your financial situation. It is important to check your score at least once every few months. That way, if your score is dropping you can be aware of that and then work to bring the score back up.

Your Debt to Income Ratio Is High

If your debt to income ratio is high, there is a good chance that you will eventually have problems paying your bills. While there is nothing wrong with using credit to buy things in certain situations, you must be extremely careful not to go too far with your credit. It is important that you use caution with regards to your credit. It seems obvious that you should not buy more on credit than you can comfortably pay for, but it’s surprising how many times people do this. It’s easy to let yourself slide and buy something that you really can’t afford to pay for. You have to ask yourself how badly you really need to make the purchase, and then ask yourself if you can comfortably afford to make the payments.

You Are Behind On Your Payments

If you are behind on your payments, you may find yourself with no other choice but to declare bankruptcy. It is imperative that you either keep your payments current or that you make payment arrangements with your creditors. Once you are in a situation where you think you are going to have to claim bankruptcy, you should definitely contact a bankruptcy lawyer. Each state has different laws and guidelines for claiming bankruptcy so if you live in say, PA, it is crucial that you seek guidance from those familiar with the Pennsylvania bankruptcy process. Doing so may buy you enough time to get back on track with your finances.
Keeping up with your finances isn’t always easy. However, if you follow the guidelines above you will be able to stay abreast of your financial situation. One of the most important ways to keep from being forced to declare bankruptcy is to be vigilant about your finances. If you know what is going on, then you are empowered to do something about it.

Making Quick Money When You're in a Pinch

Emergencies pop up all the time that may require a significant amount of money without warning, from vet bills to car trouble. Whether it's a replacement tire or a surprise trip to the emergency room, it's not uncommon to need to make some quick money. In today's economy, many of us have trouble paying our rent or mortgages on time and you may find months where you may be a little short. Lucky for us, there are several easy ways to make the money you need, quickly and easily. From checking out a pawn shop, to odd jobs, to selling your gold, cashing in your change, or holding a yard sale, there are many easy ways to make fast cash.

Find odd jobs around the neighborhood
Whether it's mowing your elderly neighbor's lawn or helping a friend with a paint job, there are many odd jobs that allow you to make some fast cash. If you've had experience with children, babysitting could also be a great option. Odd jobs are usually paid under the table and in cash so you can make the money you need quickly.

Cash in your change
That piggy bank you've been half-heartedly throwing change into over the past four years? It may be time to cash in your change and it can equal a surprising amount! Your local bank should have a penny arcade that counts your change quickly to get you cash fast.

Sell your gold
Gold is worth more than ever right now and isn't exactly in style – so why not sell your old gold jewelry? Many shops are willing to pay a lot for gold due to the increase in value. Not only will you clear your jewelry box of old gold you no longer wear, but you will make money while doing so.

Holding a yard sale
Holding a yard sale not only allows you to make some fast cash, but allows you to finally clear out your basement or garage of all the old junk that you've been holding on to. Keep in mind that one man's trash is another man's treasure, so when it doubt, put out the item just in case someone is interested. From old children's toys and clothes to old records, you can make money while cleaning out your home. If you have vintage items that you feel could be worth a good amount, take them over to a pawn shop.

Making fast money doesn't have to be a stressful or long process; it's about finding the right opportunities. From odd jobs to cashing in your change, there are simple and easy ways to pay any bills that have popped up or your rent that's about to be late. Next time you need to make some money in a pinch, consider selling your gold to a pawn shop or holding a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items while making fast cash!

When You Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested or charged with a crime for which one might be forced to serve time in jail is a harrowing situation for most people. In order to avoid a conviction, they need the help of criminal defense lawyers. These are attorneys who specialize in defending individuals accused of various crimes, from misdemeanors to felonies.
A criminal defense attorney can be hired long before charges are brought against an individual. In many situations, the individual is aware he or she is part of a criminal investigation and retains the help of a lawyer at that time.
Legal help can also be sought at the time of an arrest. An arrest can be made for little more than probable cause, and does not mean the individual has been charged with any type of criminal conduct. The officer making the arrest typically informs the person that he or she has the right to an attorney. If there is reason to believe the officer lacks probable cause, a criminal defense lawyer can be hired to address that issue.
After an arrest has been made, the suspect is brought into court for an arraignment. This is the point in the criminal procedure during which charges are brought against the individual. Up to this point, he or she can get by without the help of an attorney. At the arraignment, however, the judge will inform the suspect that he or she has the right to legal representation before the case proceeds.
What Happens If You Cannot Afford An Attorney?
Suppose you have been arrested and charged with a crime. At your arraignment, you enter a plea of "not guilty." The judge will tell you to retain an attorney for your defense. If you are unable to afford the services of a private criminal defense lawyer, the judge can appoint a public defender for you.
Public defenders are licensed attorneys. They spend most of their time defending individuals who have been accused of various crimes, and cannot afford to hire their own lawyers. (Courts will occasionally rely on private firms to provide for the defense of such suspects.) You can have a public defender appointed to your case by the court. If you are accused of a crime for which you face the prospect of jail time, you have a right to free, court-appointed legal representation.
Having A Lawyer Appointed For You By The Court
During your arraignment, when the judge informs you of your right to an attorney, ask that the court appoint one for you. Keep in mind that although you may have the right to free legal counsel (depending on your circumstances), you will be asked to substantiate your need. The judge will ask you to describe your financial situation, and explain why it precludes you from hiring your own private attorney.
If your financial situation merits the appointment of a public defender, one may be appointed to your case at that time. If the judge determines that your situation makes you ineligible for court-appointed legal counsel, you'll be required to retain your own lawyer.
Opting To Pay For A Private Attorney
The services of a private criminal defense attorney can be costly. But if you are facing the risk of going to prison, the cost may be worthwhile. Fees fall within a wide range, and are influenced by numerous factors. For example, the cost of defending against a felony is generally higher than the cost of defending against a misdemeanor. Felonies tend to involve more preparation and more time spent in court.
Another factor is how much experience a lawyer has in defending cases. Someone who has recently been approved by the American Bar Association will cost less to retain than a professional with decades of criminal defense experience under his or her belt. The more experience an attorney has, the higher his or her fees are likely to be.
Plan to pay several thousands of dollars to hire a criminal defense lawyer. It's important to note that attorneys are prohibited from working on a contingency basis for these type of cases. In other words, you will likely be required to pay a substantial portion of the fees upfront. Given the risk of spending time in prison, doing so may be an easy decision to make.

Advice For Choosing A Forex Course

More and more people are looking to get into the forex market both as a career and as an avenue to make some extra money. If one really wants to enjoy success, they need to be sufficiently knowledgeable about the forex market and all the facets pertaining to this industry. In this interesting and informative article we take a look at certain advice one should take into consideration when choosing a forex course to get them started.   

Advice for choosing a forex trading course

The beginning

When the decision has been made to embark on either a career or part time endeavour in forex trading, one need to understand that credible education about the market is vital. Many of the best forex trading courses offered give the perfect introduction in trading and give a holistic picture of the industry. One needs to note that there are professional veterans trading, and if not properly clued up, their career will be short lived and funds drained by traders on the market.

Taking the long way around will result is profitability

Many people wanting to start trading on the forex market do so in a rash manner without any training from a course. The short way will not be profitable in the end. If you are serious about becoming a trader and enjoying success, take the long way around and make sure you sign up and complete a forex trading course, be it online or at an institute.

Be vigilant about overpromises

One key tip for choosing a forex trading course is to be wary of courses that overpromise and tell you that you will be rich in no time. Anyone can start trading but there is a difference between moving from a novice trader to a professional one, and it does take time and practice to enjoy a profit. A course trying to sell you on an ‘easy way to make money fast’ is not credible.  

Find the right course for you

Although at first glance many of the forex courses look exactly the same and offer the same thing but there are differing ones to suit your level of expertise and wants. If you search forex trading courses in depth enough, you’ll see that courses can sometimes be very different from each other. Most of them are made for newcomers but some are in fact for people with 12 months worth or more of trading logs. Take a look at all of the courses offered and choose the right forex course for you.

Financial Literacy - Not Simply Adding Funds

Literacy levels globally have always been a worrying factor for government education systems. While education systems and funding are focused to improving general literacy we often find financial literacy, the understanding of financial knowledge and possession of a skill set that allows a person to make effective financial decisions, is lacking.  While no formal education systems exist and with numerous opportunities for unscrupulous companies to take advantage of consumers, the average person in the street is generally unaware of how to organise their own finances effectively. It is exceedingly worrying in an age of debt that  the rate of financial literacy is so low, but more worrying is the truth that those who are not financially educated are not actively seeking knowledge nor are they concerned about the lack knowledge or aware that it is an issue.

How much do we know?

For the majority of people, simply having a bank account where we can keep our money and an institution that we can borrow money from and pay back is the understanding that they have of finances. Respondents in Australia were questioned about compound interest and as many as 78% reported to understand the concept, but when faced with a simple equation using the knowledge, only 28% were able to complete the problem.  In the same OECD study conducted in 2005, Korean students mostly failed an exam which tested their ability and understanding of managing personal finances, such as credit cards, retirement funds and personal loans. With stats as shocking as these, where can you find out more about financial literacy and what should you understand?

What do we do about it?

While most of us want to get in and out of banks as quickly as possible, speaking to your financial advisor is a quick and easy way to understand the basics of how they manage your money. Make sure that you speak to a consultant, understand what financial services you are paying for and whether or not you require all the facilities that you are paying for. When offered any type of credit, find out about multiple options for you to lend and varying methods and time frames of repayment that you can possibly take out. If you are looking to put money away for saving, speak to your advisor on the different options that you can have, for long term saving for your child’s education and future, through to short term access for that 3D TV you want for Christmas. Make sure you ask questions and actively seek to understand how your finances work and you’ll be well on your way to ensuring that you don’t get surprises and actually manage your finances, instead of letting them manage you.

Demystifying The Law: Product Liability

Countless lawsuits occur in the US every year as a result of a defective product, or due to the unsafe practice of a service injuring a customer. The outcomes of these lawsuits can have devastating consequences, and for small businesses especially, they can be utterly crippling. Larger businesses no doubt have their bases covered with product liability lawyers, insurance, and often having the pockets deep enough to settle out of court if need be.

However for smaller businesses, this is quite often not the case. For example, take your local farmers market. It’s a wonderful idea that local folks can grow and sell their foods, and different markets will be regulated in different fashions. But when the food being sold causes people to become sick, it is not certain that the farmer has the lawyers, the insurance, or the deep enough pockets to repay for the damage done, and the damage could be great.

Let’s say that you purchase some bad spinach from a local gent at your local farmers market, he seems like a nice guy and his spinach looks delicious. But unbeknownst to you and the farmer, the spinach has been contaminated with E. coli. You take it home and eat it, and that night you become ill. So ill you are forced to go to the hospital, for which you do not have insurance to pay. Meanwhile the next few days you must stay at home, unable to work. This scenario is not entirely unlikely, and is one of the nicer outcomes. E. coli can have seriously dangerous affects if not treated properly and promptly, in certain cases people can die.

Now you put the burden of whatever occurs back upon the farmer, and what is likely to be the result? Will the farmer have the funds to pay for compensation, the insurance, or the lawyers to protect them? Regardless, for any size business, no matter how harmless what they provide may appear to be, it is utterly crucial that protection is had in the form of insurance. It not only protects the business, but it protects the consumers as well. It’s obvious no sane person would sell anything that has the potential to hurt someone unless that harm is well known to all. 

Product Liability Explained

So if product liability is so crucial for a business to consider, what is it then? Product Liability is an area of law where manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and any others who produce a product, which is available to the public, are held responsible for any potential injuries sustained by the use or consumption of said product or service.

There are essentially three different types of liability that a business should be aware of:
Manufacturing defects occur where within the manufacturing process, poor quality materials were used, or the product itself was not constructed or put together properly.

Design defects arise when the actual design of a product is considered dangerous. If the product is not what consumers expect, or is otherwise inherently dangerous beyond expectation, it will be deemed a design defect.

Failure To Warn consumers of the potential dangers of a product also constitute product liability. This refers to any non-obvious dangers that are not apparent to consumers and may have been mitigated through proper warning.

Breach of Warranty

Warranties are statements put forth from the producer describing a product to the consumer during a transaction. There are three types of breach of warranty to be concerned with.
Express Warranty is concerned with the description from the company of how the product is intended to be used, and things that it should not be used for.

Implied Warranty of Merchantability is related to the expectations commonly found for all products, where certain things ought to be obvious to consumers.

Implied Warranty of Fitness is the same for the most part as that of Merchantability, save that by using certain products, its expected that the consumer is physically able and capable of using said product without sustaining injury.


Negligence claims require proof that the manufacturer was indeed negligent in some regard. Either a duty was owed and certain things expected, there was a breach of said duty, the breach is what caused injury, and that injury was quantifiable in some manner. To be quantifiable, either physical injury, emotional distress, or some other measurable negative outcome must have occurred.

How Consumers Are Protected

Due to past years, and countless people being injured due to the use of a product or service, there have been laws created to protect consumers. These laws are dependent upon the states themselves and the statutes they have created. The most well known of all consumer protection laws are referred to as lemon laws. These are laws that became widely used for automobiles, as they are generally the second largest investment, next to homes, for Americans. The safety standards for vehicles had to be set to ensure people were not being sold “lemons”. 

Hopefully by now, you will understand the importance for a business to have product liability insurance, and what constitutes product liability itself. It something that is dealt with on a daily basis in the U.S, and businesses should protect themselves to avoid potential problems in the future.

You Don't Have to Be Scrooge to Save Money at Christmas

OK, so when it comes to frugal shoppers, Scrooge probably beats most of us hands down at this time of year. However, despite assurances that the recession is over, many families continue to face the pressures of limited wages and increasingly high bills.  If you want to avoid a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past (understatedly dressed as a big credit card bill) in January, there are a number of simple steps you can take now to make Christmas Present a bit more palatable. 

OMG We’re All Going to Starve!

Right, now let’s get this clear, the supermarkets will not close for ten weeks over the Christmas period.  In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find one of these multi-national corporations closing for more than five minutes, even in the event of fire, flood or nuclear disaster.  This doesn’t seem to stop shoppers from acting out some Zombie-esque type apocalypse routine around the festive season.  With trolleys piled high, they roam the aisles with unthinking, glassy eyes, mouthing “must buy sprouts, must buy sprouts, must buy sprouts”.  The reality is that supermarkets may close for a whole twenty-four hours but this doesn’t actually equate to a famine.  Buy enough food to see you through and don’t splash out on extras which nobody eats and you’ll end up chucking out.  Shop as you would normally; perhaps add some treats like a ham, a few mince pies, a pudding and a side of beef but don’t panic and spend a fortune.  On Boxing Day, should the worst happen and your supermarket remain closed (as if) have leftovers; in fact leftovers are the ideal Boxing Day meal.  

The Value of Family

Liaise with close family members and consider buying “family” presents as opposed to lots of individual presents.  A board game, or an interactive computer game for the whole family may well help to stop them murdering each other over the festive season.  Have a quiet chat with siblings and get this plan in place.  You’ll buy them a family present and they can do the same for you.  In most cases relatives will heave a very big sigh of relief, if you suggest this approach; we’re all a bit strapped for cash these days and it no longer makes you look cheap to suggest this kind of thing – it can even make you popular.  When it comes to presents for your own kids and spouse, try to consider gifts that they need as well as those that they want.  For stocking fillers don’t be afraid of pound shops, charity shops and discount voucher code sites.  Charity shops can stock some excellent gifts that look new (in some cases they actually are) and buying from charity stores means that a worthwhile cause is also getting a gift too.  For the flashest, best presents, buy using discount codes and vouchers – the Internet is awash with them and there is just one excuse for buying full price these days. 

Sticky Situations

Christmas cards are great aren’t they?  Who doesn’t enjoy spending weeks writing them out and posting them in the full knowledge that a bit more of the Amazon Rainforest has made the ultimate sacrifice for the greetings card industry?  Get into the traditional spirit of Christmas card sending and send to people who you rarely see from year to year.  At work, if there isn’t one already, set up a charity fund and tell everyone your donating to that and not sending a card to all the people you spend the year within spitting distance of.  For family and close friends send a personalised or homemade card; they’ll admire your creativity and originality and will mimic it next year, saving yet more trees and postage costs.  You can also make your own wrapping paper, using a basic roll of brown parcel paper, string, ribbon, glitter and paint/coloured pencils.  If you have kids, you don’t even have to waste valuable time doing this yourself; in terms of sticky, messy, colourful activities it scores 12 out of 10.  They’ll thank you for it.

Weird Insurance and Good, Old Fashioned Car Insurance

Insurance comes in many forms; from the legally required policy on car insurance to the sensible options of dental insurance and housing insurance. However, some types of insurance are as mad as a box of frogs that have been fed popping candy. If you prefer to stand on the edge of caution then you may want to insure yourself against some of the following possible outcomes.

Alien Abduction

We’ve all been there. Where? I don’t know, I can’t remember anything about the last eight hours. - If this sounds like something that you would say then there is a high probability that you have been abducted by aliens. What about all that lost income? What about the traumatic stress that you have had to endure as a result of the knowing suspicion that you have been whizzed off into outer space? If this happens to you again then you should seriously consider taking out an insurance policy that covers you against the possibility of being abducted by aliens.

This kind of insurance has predominantly been popular in rural parts of America and England, where aliens tend to visit due to the beautiful scenery and country walks.  An alien abduction policy will set you back around £200 per annum, which will cover you for £2 million worth of alien induced trauma. This type of policy will insure you against the stress of abduction; the physical harm dealt to you as a result of an alien examination as well as covering you should you become pregnant by an alien being. Furthermore, cover against alien impregnation is not only limited to females; insurers are readily aware that the unknown capabilities of alien technology could well result in a man falling pregnant at the hands of aliens and so have helpfully factored in for this in some of their more specialised alien abduction policies.

Immaculate Conception Insurance

Now this would have been a handy one to have around in Zero BC. The Second Coming of Christ may well be imminent so it’s important that you get yourself covered for an outcome such as this; raising a child is never cheap and God only knows – literally – what kind of gifts you’ll have to bestow on the next Saviour. As a benchmark, last time, it was gold, frankincense and myrrh and those things don’t come cheap.

One Essex based insurance company offered the Immaculate Conception policy to three Christian sisters in 2000 and noted that the cover was meant to pay for the bringing up of Christ if one of them were to have a virgin birth.

The three sisters each paid a premium of £100 and stood to gain a pay-out of £1 million if any of them bore the Son of God. Sadly however, no insurance company presently insures against the possibility of being abducted by aliens and then being impregnated by aliens with the Son of God; for some insurers the time taken to fill out the policy forms on that kind of premium is more hassle than it’s really worth.

Vampire and Werewolf Insurance

It’s so annoying when you’re turned into a vampire isn’t it? You can only work at night and then there’s the added stress of having to fork out for an expensive castle and a candle set. At least if you turn into a werewolf you can just go and live in a cave, but then again, you can only come out on a full moon and the amount of money that you’d have to spend of razors would be excessive.

Thankfully, one of the more considerate insurance companies out there has got you covered for this too. An insurance company in America has a policy that compensates you or your partner for the inconvenience of being turned into a vampire or a werewolf and the aftermath that such an experience will undoubtedly have on your livelihood. These policies pay out up to $220,000, which is enough to be able to buy yourself a small castle in West Virginia or a luxury cave in California.

Car Insurance

Car insurance isn’t weird. What’s weird is the amount of money that people waste on it without shopping around for a good deal on cheap car insurance.

Whether you’ve been impregnated by aliens, are raising the Son of God or have turned into a vampire or a werewolf you’ve undoubtedly got a hard road ahead of you. Fortunately, you can make driving on that road a little less stressful by taking out some cheap car insurance that covers you against fire and theft; leaving you with more money to spend on baby food or to redecorate your crypt.

Euro Update – November 2012

The euro was not the best-performing major currency over the last week but it was up there, close behind the US dollar and Swiss franc. It strengthened by a cent against the pound and by one and three quarter Japanese yen. Against the US dollar it slipped by an immaterial dozen ticks.

As much as anything, the euro's upward move was a correction to three weeks of losses as investors took profits on short positions. They did so despite a string of disappointing economic data from the euro area. On the pan-Euroland scale industrial production and investor confidence both and gross domestic product (GDP)  shrank by a provisional -0.1% in the third quarter of the year. National figures were hardly any better. France and Germany managed GDP growth of 0.2% in Q3.  GDP in Greece shrank by -1.9%, in Portugal by -0.8% and in Spain by -0.3%.  Finland, France, Italy and Greece all reported falling industrial production (as did Britain).

The good news for the euro was that EU finance ministers decided to extend the terms of Greece's bailout, giving it a further two years to reduce its budget deficit. Somewhat less helpfully, the decision did not please the International Monetary Fund, which stands as the third horse in the troika with the European Commission and the European Central Bank. The proposed extension to the bailout would imply handing a further €30bn - or more - to Greece and the IMF does not want to contribute. The IMF is happy enough to maintain the fiction that governments and the ECB cannot lose out on a default by Greece but it is reluctant to throw any more good money after what could well turn out to be bad.

If the economic data showed the euro in a bad light they did no great favours to sterling either. Except for Britain's trade deficit, which shrank  on rising exports and falling imports, there was disappointment to be found in all the week's data,

Inflation unexpectedly rebounded to 2.7% as a result of higher prices for food and university tuition. In a way it was positive for the pound, in that it appeared to lessen the chance of more asset purchases by the Bank of England, but it was also a re-tightening of the squeeze on household spending power. Unemployment fell to 7.8%, its lowest level since May last year, but the number of jobseekers jumped by 10k and many of the new jobs were part-time.
Retail sales fell by -0.8% in October and were up by only 0.6% on the year.

And the Bank of England governor was on the hunt for sterling again. Introducing the Bank's quarterly Inflation Report he was as downbeat as usual about the prospect of economic recovery and said it was still possible that the Bank might add to its stock of £375bn government bonds.

So with gloom all around investors were left to decide which currency they disliked least. The euro or the pound. They came to the conclusion that the euro had been given too tough a time over the previous couple of weeks so that is where they went. There can be no assumption that they will still feel the same way when they get back to work on Monday.

Cheap and Feasible Car Insurances in Dublin

There are many insurance providers in Ireland that offers comprehensive and cheap car insurances coverages for it's people. You just require to search out the best one for you that saves buck and just the right insurance for you. You can click the right one by comparing among the insurance companies and knowing the coverages they offer.

Find out the best insurance quotes citing the risk factors and for young drivers who are at risky zone. The following are some best Auto insurance companies in Dublin, Ireland:
  • AA Ireland Auto Insurance, Dublin
  • Aviva Car Insurance, Dublin, Ireland
  • Allianz Insurance, Direct Division,Dublin
  • Quinn-Direct, Dublin, ireland
Getting a Cheap Car Insurance Quote for Young Drivers:
  • Firstly, you should get to know about the insurance companies that offer car insurance coverages for young drivers. Then, later are the procedures to follow.
  • Secondly, when you succeed to find out an insurance company of your choice of service, you need to collect details of the insurance company you are going with and that actually fulfills your requirements.
  • And lastly when you decide to buy an insurance policy after considering factors of requirements, you can ask them to send a free insurance quote to compare it with quotes of the other insurance companies. Comparing quotes can be a promising and a healthy deal with an insurance company.
Choose an auto insurance company that is reliable, reputable and trustworthy to proceed with. The more you poke into an insurance company, the more you gather knowlegde. Get online insurance quotes, ask people around for more reliability, are they having such insurances? Are they satisfied with their choice of insurance? And how does it pay in long run or in case of an emergency? These querries are to be satisfied before you shake hand with a car insurance company and it's coverage. So, go with a slow pace with wisdom and knowledge.

When Accidents Happen, a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help!

If you have found yourself injured as the result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you may find yourself contemplating hiring a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are specially trained legal professionals that have a background in litigating cases involving injuries and accidents that were not your fault and work to get compensation for the victim. If you have found a personal injury lawyer and are scheduled for your first consultation, you may have a great deal of questions regarding how your case will be handled. If you need help with the top questions you should address with your lawyer, we provide guidance below.

Hiring a personal injury attorney for your case is a highly personalized experience, where picking the very first personal injury attorney out of the phone book may not be the best choice for you. It is always advisable to interview at least three personal injury lawyers in order to find the best attorney for your case. During your consultation, you will want to come prepared with a list of questions you need to ask your personal injury lawyer. Asking these questions will better prepare you for what to expect during your case, and will also give you a better idea of the type of attorney you will be dealing with.

Questions to Ask your Personal Injury Attorney

Among the top questions to ask your personal injury attorney are:

- How long have you been in practice, and how long have you worked for this law firm?

- Do you have experience with my type of personal injury case? If yes, what is your winning success rate?

- Will you actually be handling my case if it goes to trial? Or will another lawyer from your firm be handling the case?

- Will there be a team of Paralegal’s working on my case? Or will you know all the facts regarding my case?

- What are my out-of-pocket costs for this case? What fees do you charge, and how do you charge for services?

- What happens if I do not win my case? How should I expect to pay you for my claim?
The Answers

The answers to these questions should dispel any trepidation you have regarding filing your claim as well as working with a personal injury lawyer. If at any time you do not feel comfortable with the questions that you ask your attorney, or if any of their answers do not fully answer your questions, consulting with another attorney may be your next option. Winning a personal injury claim may be the only way to fully allow you to get back on your feet following a car or motorcycle accident, and having a personal injury attorney that is fully on your side is your best chance possible of success.

How To Get A Short-Term Loan With Damaged Credit History

As financial rules that were enabled by 2009 recession have been changed, it is more difficult for average people to obtain secured bank loans today. Thus, middle-class consumers apply for short-term loans as they are available for people with poor or bad credit score. Global economic crisis has become one more reason of the popularity of short-term loans. They vary for there are different conditions, terms and interest rates. Learn more data to stay on the top of your finances, as it is beneficial to obtain only the most appropriate loans.
You never know what may make you to have a need to apply for a loan, as there are many reasons why you may need money urgently. There are some view-points concerning short-term loans, because some credit bureaus consider them to be risky and a root of debt. Moreover, any loan will affect your credit score. To get approved for a bank loan your credit score should be good or excellent, banks usually do not deal with bad or no credit individuals. In case that’s about you, then it’s worth to consider alternative ways of getting a short-term loan.

Payday loan is one of the most popular types of loans which customers with damaged credit score usually apply for. There are no early repayment penalties, though a debt may occur only in a case you didn’t make a payment on time. These lending products are available almost in all the American states, for example, citizens of California can use California payday loans online to fix their unexpected financial problems. There is no credit check provided during a procedure and the only thing you will need is checking account information, for instance. There are also other options available for bad credit individuals so fortunately, there’s no reason to get upset in case your loan application was rejected in a bank.

Nowadays because of government regulations about fees and charges for lenders, an average fee for $100 will be $10-15. Among a big variety of different companies that provide loans till pay day there are some that have round-the-clock services. It means that you may contact company staff and ask for assistance any time day or night.

Short-terms loans intended for people who need to borrow some cash and can repay within a short period of time. You can easily use these options when you know that a bank will not give you out a small loan. If you fail to repay on time, literary you will have a default, it may be too expensive for you to pay back. That is why make all the necessary efforts to pay off the loan on time, do not make your financial situation more complicated. If you do not have a precise image of your finances, make up a budget and this will definitely be your helping hand

Steps for Calculating Commercial Property Tax

Prior to the April tax deadline, you may be interested in finding your property's tax value. If the mammoth tax code is staring you in the face, daring you to read it and calculate your own commercial property tax loan, do not worry; there are easier ways to find your tax rate without wading through the highly technical and confusing areas of tax law. In fact, with these simple steps, you can calculate your commercial property taxes quickly and painlessly. 

1. You must determine the taxable market value of your commercial property. Your tax appraiser should have prepared and mailed this figure to you. However, if you do not have it on hand, you can contact your local appraiser’s office for an additional copy of the value.

2. You need to calculate the total tax capacity of your commercial property based on its location. To find the total tax capacity, you will need to know the appropriate statutory class rate of your property as set by your state legislature. You will need to contact your local treasurer’s office to determine this figure.

3. While you are in contact with your local treasurer’s office, you will also need information about other local tax rates and ratios in order to figure your property tax. In addition to the figures you have already gathered, you will need to know:

• fiscal disparity ratio 
• tax capacity rate 
• market value rate
• state tax rate
• fiscal disparity rate
• state tax rate

These amounts are typically given in percentages that you can use to enter into the commercial property tax calculation formula.

4. Now that you have all the figures that you need to calculate your commercial property tax, you can begin the mathematical formula. First, you need to determine the fiscal disparity tax capacity. To do this, multiply the total tax capacity by the fiscal disparity ratio. This gives you the fiscal disparity tax capacity.

5. Take your total tax capacity again, and subtract the fiscal disparity tax capacity that you just found in step 4. This creates the local tax capacity of your property. 

6. Use the local tax capacity of your property and multiply if by the tax capacity rate provided by your local treasurer’s office. Your product is the tax capacity tax.

7. Multiply the market value of your property that you learned for the appraiser by the market value rate provided by your treasurer’s office. This product is the market value tax.

8. Multiply the fiscal disparity rate by the fiscal disparity tax capacity you found in step four. Your product this time is called the fiscal disparity tax.

9. You need to determine your state tax by multiplying the total tax capacity by the state tax rate, which is uniform throughout your state. This will give you the state tax on your property.

10. Finally, once you have found all of these new figures, you are ready to calculate your total commercial property tax. Add together your tax capacity tax, your market value tax, your fiscal disparity tax, and your state tax. This will give you the total commercial property tax.

International Trade Financing - A Better Trading Option

International trade financing is a movement of assets and transactions and the scientific analysis of money management, assets, credit, banking and investments for international trade transactions. Trade finance generally refers to financial transactions being involved in exports and imports. The term of trade finance may be quantified simply as working capital. It connects the sale of goods and services. Risks of interchange and foreign currencies can be involved. It can also involve documentary collections, exporting factoring and trade credit insurance

Advantages and Disadvantages of trade financing:

International trade financing is a great way to develop a broader market. It helps to create a stronger bond among countries. International trade is very helpful to increase consumer income level of a country as it takes a great part to faster development of a country. International finance is an attractive investment option for investors. International trade helps to improve the level of expertise of a country due to modern technology exchange among countries. Therefore international trade is a great way to help facilitate fair trade among countries.

There is a great possibility to encounter fraud through international trading so the trader needs to be very careful before carrying out a transaction. International trading may need a reasonable modification to product packaging. So there must be an arrangement of an international standard packaging and processing system. Many time international trades can be responsible to import harmful products like, harmful drugs, etc. Last but not the least; a trader must to be financially strong before entering into international trade as a trader may have to wait a long duration for payment.

Effects of International trade finance:

International trade financing provides effective development of a countries economy. Trade policies have become more stable, more transparent, and more open. There are clear efficiency benefits from trade that results in more products - not only more of the same products, but greater product variety and better product pricing. So international trade financing can be better option for both trader and the consumer

In fact when a sole trader is at the verge of filing bankruptcy or going broke due to commercial issues apart from fraud, international trade financing can rather play the role of a ‘sole trader rescue’. You can not only make money and devote them towards your business but you can also save yourself from going broke. Trade financing can hence give your business a new light of hope and boost your trade returns at the same time. It is indeed  a safe haven for sole traders, in general.

5 Apps to Help You Save Time and Money This Christmas

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and with it comes the intense pressure of getting your Christmas shopping done, on time and without breaking the bank. It’s no easy task but, fortunately, if you have a smart phone, help is quite literally at hand. Here’s a look at 5 of the best apps you can make use of to help take some of the stress out of playing Santa Claus.

Shop Savvy

This app should prove indispensible when you’re out in the Christmas rush battling your way through crowds of shoppers out to grab those must have presents. By scanning the barcode on a product and you’ll be shown where it’s in stock else nearby and given a comparison of the prices on offer. It’ll even give you directions to the retailer with the best price.

The information the app uses is also community driven, meaning it’s constantly being added to and updated.  If you don’t have a barcode, you can search for the product by name and see where others have found it cheaper.

Furthermore, to save yourself legwork, if the cheapest deal is from an online retailer you can use the app to order the product over the internet, there and then.

Shop Advisor

Determined to grab a bargain on the perfect gift but can’t be bothered to constantly carry out price comparisons? Shop Advisor provides a great way to track the prices of items from leading retailers so that the second they drop to the level you consider affordable, you can pounce on the deal.

If you’re not sure which products you should be tracking, you can even use the app to generate gift ideas by finding out which popular products are being most watched. Again, the information is community sourced so you can get an idea of what people have their eye on- a great way of coming across gift ideas.

Snap Tell

There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in a gift when you’re still not sure whether the recipient will like it. It’s disappointing when such gambles don’t pay off, not to mention a real waste of money. Snap Tell is great way of finding out more about a product when your out shopping and on the edge of making a decision.

Say, for example, you know your friend loves a certain band or author, but are unsure if the particular CD or book you’re about to purchase is any good, you can simply take a picture of the cover with you phone and you’ll be given a wealth of information about its perceived quality, including reviews and ratings from numerous sources.


This app is all about special offers. It pulls in the best deals from around the web for products in a range of categories including electronics, clothes, games, DVDs, Blu-Rays, jewellery and shoes, as well as coupons and freebies.

Users vote on deals and those that are most popular rise to the top, however, as well as using the voice of the crowd, you can ‘follow’ certain users who you think have similar tastes to your own to find out which offers have them excited. A great way of riding the coat tails of other, savvy shoppers.


When the mall is crowded with festive shoppers finding a great deal can take second place to simply finding a way through the building. This app will help you find your way to where you want to be next, without the need for wifi or battery draining 3G. A great tool for planning your shop if you want to get in, get what you want, and make a hasty exit.

Assault vs. Personal Injury - What's the Difference?

A lot of people use the phrase "personal injury" in place of "assault," but they describe two different instances entirely. Yes, an assault is an injury on a person, but that does not make it a personal injury in a court of law. Personal injuries are the result of someone else's negligence, like in the event of a car accident or dog bite. Someone was supposed to ensure a victim's safety, and he or she failed to do so. In the case of an assault, one person made a fully conscious effort to harm the other person.

To put matters into perspective, personal injuries happen on accident and assaults happen on purpose. There may be a few grey areas in between there, but for the most part, it's pretty cut and dry. Both occasions can be tried in court, and both of them can result in pain or medical need. Nevertheless, they are caused by different instances entirely.

Proving Fault for Personal Injury Cases

If you think you are the victim of someone else's negligence, you have to find a way to prove that they caused your injuries. For instance, let's assume that you slipped in a business because someone didn't put up a wet floor sign. You could sue the business, using the lack of signage as proof of responsibility. As long as there is a way to show that the other party is to blame for your pain, you have a case.

Proving Fault for Assault Cases

Most assault cases are your word against his situations. If you have witnesses that saw the fight, it may be easier for you to prove matters because of the witnesses' testimonies. The person held responsible for the fight is going to be the one who initiated it, which is why it is always important to let someone else make the first move. Then you can claim you were acting in self defense.

Hopefully, you never go through an injury that is worthy of a lawsuit. If you do though, the information above should help you determine how your case would be categorized. Seek out a good accident and injury lawyer to help you through your case, and provide as much proof as possible for it. The more evidence you have, the better off you will be. There is no need to pay for medical bills that are someone else's responsibility. Take action when you can, and you won't be out anything whatsoever. 

Marcus Evermore is a blogger, writer, and generally funny guy. He lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah writing on issues of importance to the legal field.